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Repurpose marketing content into 23 different formats
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool designed to assist in the repurposing of marketing content into various formats. Possessing a broad range of applications, it can convert content into as many as 23 different formats, transforming LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, and blog articles into full ebooks, white papers, and more.'s key functionality lies in its capacity to take audio and video content and repurpose it into numerous text formats. This feature greatly enhances content creation, enabling the generation of a wide variety of materials from a single upload.

It can even learn the user's style and tone to proficiently replicate them in the new content. Particularly advantageous for technical and educational content, is designed fit for B2B marketing, ensuring repurposed content does not sacrifice depth or sound overly mechanistic.

Additionally, this easy-to-use tool features collaboration options for team members and a strict privacy policy, assuring the safety of user content.


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Pros and Cons


Converts 23 content formats
Repurposes LinkedIn posts
Repurposes Twitter threads
Repurposes blog articles
Creates full ebooks
Creates white papers
Audio to text conversion
Video to text conversion
Learns user's style and tone
Optimized for technical content
Optimized for educational content
Fit for B2B marketing
Preserves content depth
Avoids mechanistic output
Team collaboration features
Strict privacy policy
Content format conversion
Custom style and tone
Transforms webinars into posts
Extracts essential ideas
Provides platform templates
Offers credit system
Ensures content safety
Includes partner program
Repurposes conference talks
Repurposes podcasts
Repurposes video content
Optimised for technical content
Optimised for educational content


Limited to 23 formats
Primarily B2B focus
No information about integration
Not designed for B2C
Dependent on user's style sample
No specific mention of speed
Optimized for only technical & educational content
Credit-based usage system
No public content option
undefined cancellation procedure


What is
What formats can convert content into?
How does repurpose audio and video content?
Can learn and replicate a user's writing style and tone?
Is suitable for B2B marketing?
How is particularly useful for technical and educational content?
What are the collaboration features of
What privacy measures does have in place to protect user content?
Can convert LinkedIn posts into ebooks?
How does ensure the depth of repurposed content?
Can convert Twitter threads into white papers?
Does offer custom content creation?
How many different types of content formats can generate?
How easy is it to use
Can be used to repurpose blog articles?
What are the applications of in B2B marketing?
Can convert video content into text?
How does handle conversion of audio content to text?
Can I collaborate with my team using
How does maintain the quality of transformed content?

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