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Video gen for lead gen, showcasing, feedback in sectors
Generated by ChatGPT
Confuse about customer feedback and engagement? Try Personalized Interactive Videos!

Our previous efforts with complex text forms,the conversion rate was always disappointing,but using personalized videos increased engagement by 86%!

Now, we've replicated this success with Feedeo.

Feedeo is an AI-powered tool that creates interactive videos with real or cartoon characters in minutes. No need for expensive spokespersons - lifelike avatars create a professional and engaging effect on your website, social media, and EDM.

Feedeo also offers a wide range of interactive video templates, including:
· Marketing: NPS survey, lead generation, customer support
· Sales: Contact form, email campaign
· Recruitment: Candidate screening, satisfaction survey
· E-commerce: Video FAQ, customer feedback survey
· Education: Course evaluation

Try Feedeo today! Visit our website for more information and start creating captivating interactive videos.

Contact us
If you want to learn more about our AI-Aavatar-Powered video generation, pricing details, or have any questions about Feedeo, you can contact us via the following ways, and we will reach you as fast as we can:

☎️ WhatsApp: +13159836888
📮 Email: [email protected]
Feedeo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 9th 2023.
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User Profile PictureLou Olinsky
· Nov 20, 2023
Wow! A single image can generate a video.
User Profile PictureAmon Unruh
· Nov 19, 2023
I think the interactive video is amazing!

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