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Automated writing and editing assistant.
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Compose AI is a free Chrome extension that automates your writing using AI-powered features. The tool aims to save time by reducing typing efforts by approximately 40%.

With Compose AI, users can benefit from autocomplete suggestions, sentence rephrasing, and drawing inspiration from the AI's suggestions. The tool allows users to easily edit their writing, make sentences longer or shorter, and adjust the tone with just one click.

It also enables users to compose full emails based on natural language instructions, making it convenient for offloading tedious email communications to the AI.

Additionally, Compose AI can generate professional full email replies effortlessly, referencing the text from the original email. The tool retains a universal integration with various platforms and tools, ensuring an unobtrusive user experience.

It provides suggestions for common phrases and writing style across email, communication tools, productivity applications, and long-form text creation tools like essays and blogs.

Compose AI is contextually aware, understanding the type of content being written and tailoring its suggestions accordingly. The tool aims to learn and adapt to the user's personal writing style over time.

While the basic version of Compose AI is free, there is a premium version available at a monthly cost, offering features like personalized auto-complete that mirrors the user's "voice" and API access.

Compose AI emphasizes privacy and reassures users that their data will not be sold.

Compose AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 27th 2022.
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