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Linq AI is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance outreach efforts by generating relevant contacts. It's particularly useful for a wide range of purposes, be it a distributor keen on expanding sales network, a college student seeking valuable connections for their dream internship or other individuals in varying situations.

The AI's operation is centralized on building robust lists of necessary contacts to ease the outreach process. The application of Artificial Intelligence aids in effectively compiling these lists.

In a bid to ensure the accuracy of the generated lists, Linq AI incorporates a human review process, which may take up to a few hours for the outreach list to be delivered.

Once satisfied with the initial results, users have the option to sign up for a full Linq account for more comprehensive lists, automated sales outreach, and access to additional features.

The tool was developed at Stanford University by Ananya.


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Pros and Cons


Generates relevant contacts
Enhances outreach efforts
Supports diverse purposes
Builds robust contact lists
Human review for accuracy
Delivery within a few hours
Option for comprehensive lists
Automated sales outreach feature
Access to additional features
Useful for professional networking
Developed at Stanford University
Aids in sales network expansion
Ideal for career networking
Incorporates technology with human review
Effective for lead generation


Human review delays results
Full features require subscription
No direct integration mentioned
Not entirely autonomous
Limited to contact generation
No privacy policy mentioned
Dependent on external data
Unclear update frequency
Single developer risk
No trial period mentioned


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