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Enhance your outreach with unlimited email and AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is a specialized tool designed for cold email outreach at a large scale. The tool aims to streamline the outreach process by providing features like easy campaign setup and access.

It allows unlimited email sending accounts, which means users are not constrained by a cap on the number of mailboxes they can connect and use. With this feature, users can reach a wider audience and manage diverse email campaigns without risking damage to sender reputation.

Additionally, uses generative AI to craft personalized cold email sequences based on specific needs. The service also offers an email finder tool, providing accurate results and ensuring GDPR compliance and catch-all verification, meaning users only pay for valid emails found.

It helps users design advanced and focused cold email plans, using precise targeting, testing different versions, and automated follow-ups to reach out effectively.

Moreover, functions autonomously once the lead list is uploaded and campaigns set up, reducing manual interference. Its active contacts feature resets every month, allowing users to interact with an unlimited number of new email addresses.

Sequence steps for campaign planning are unlimited, providing flexibility in adding as many steps as needed to meet campaign goals. The service offers assistance in supplying leads for email outreach upon request as well.


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May 5, 2024
cost effective sofware

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Pros and Cons


Unlimited email sending accounts
Maintains sender reputation
GDPR compliant email finder
Only pay for valid emails
Precise targeting options
Automated campaign follow-ups
Autonomous functioning post-setup
Monthly reset of active contacts
Unlimited campaign sequence steps
Lead supplying service
Responsive analytics access
Mobile-friendly platform
Live chat support
No mailbox limits
Suitable for high deliverability
Multi-month campaign support
No removal of previous contacts
Integrated payment


No native mobile application
Limited customer service hours
Free plan has limitations
Potential deliverability issues
Lack of comprehensive analytics
Dependent on multiple email accounts
No dedicated anti-spam feature
GDPR compliance limited to Email Finder Tool
No readily available integration options


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Can help me in crafting personalized email sequences?
Does comply with GDPR?
How reliable is the email finder tool of
What do 'active contacts' in mean and how often do they reset?
How does ensure protection to my sender reputation?
Can assist me in supplying leads for email outreach?
How does the AI in contribute to Email Marketing?
How does Mailead's AI help in designing advanced and focused cold email plans?
What kind of support does provide for setting up email campaigns?
How many sequence steps can I add in Mailead's campaign planning?
How does testing different versions in work?
How unlimited is the 'unlimited email sending' feature in
What exactly does mean by 'catch-all verification'?
How much manual interference does require once the campaigns are set up?
What type of email campaigns can handle?
Is there any cap on the number of mailboxes that can connect with
How can help my startup in growth acceleration?
How flexible is in adding steps to meet campaign goals?

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