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Automating the entire outbound sales process.
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Ava, The Sales Rep Artisan, is an AI SDR digital worker aimed at automating the outbound sales process. She is capable of prospecting leads with her ability to access a vast database.

The system is capable of crafting compelling, highly personalized email sequences and will send these emails on behalf of the user. Due to her AI nature, Ava can self-optimize over time, constantly improving for booking meetings and positive sentiment responses.

Additionally, Ava has an in-built email warmup feature that ensures email deliverability. She is also capable of scheduling meetings into the user's calendar after being provided with their calendar booking link.

Ava comes with a full autopilot mode, allowing her to have complete creative freedom when creating emails. Users can interact with Ava like any other colleague, with the option to communicate with her through Slack.

Ava can also make unprompted contact if she has a suggestion or notices something is not working. Ava features are predominantly managed by communicating directly with the system.


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Ava by Artisan was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates outbound sales process
Prospects leads from vast database
Crafts personalized email sequences
Sends emails on user's behalf
Self-optimizes over time
Email deliverability with warmup feature
Schedules meetings into user's calendar
Full autopilot mode
Communication via Slack
Makes unprompted contact
Can be interacted like a colleague
Access to database of 265 million contacts
Optimizes for meeting bookings and positive sentiment
Send 1000s of emails
Part of existing company's Slack channels
Ava can be operated by just talking
Onboards in less than 10 minutes
Performs role of 10 outbound sales agents
Sends emails using user's name


No Multilingual Support
Limited to Email Outreach
Relies Heavily on Slack
No CRM Integration Mentioned
Restricted Calendar Compatibility
No Mention of Discounts
Indirect User Control
Personalised Emails May Vary
No GUI Interface
Limited Database Management


What is Ava by Artisan Ava?
What is the main function of Ava?
How does Ava automate the outbound sales process?
How does Ava prospect leads?
Does Ava craft email sequences?
Can Ava send emails on my behalf?
How does Ava self-optimize over time?
What is the email warmup feature in Ava?
How does Ava schedule meetings into my calendar?
Does Ava have an autopilot mode?
Is it possible to communicate with Ava via Slack?
Can Ava make unprompted contact?
How are Ava's features managed?
What is the aim of the Ava AI SDR digital worker?
Does Ava have a access to a database?
What kind of emails can Ava send on behalf of the user?
Does Ava have any self-optimization capabilities?
Can Ava schedule meetings?
Is the autopilot mode in Ava fully automated?
Can I provide Ava with direct feedback?

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