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Let PitchBreeze AI do your cold outreach.
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PitchBreeze is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with cold outreach in business marketing contexts. It functions by creating and sending hyper-personalized messages to potential customers.

The AI achieves personalization by scanning data signals like company news and social media to create tailored messages. If you don't have a list of leads, the system can generate one for you, contributing up to 1,000 new leads monthly.

Moreover, PitchBreeze's features include autopilot email outreach, control over lead approval, and options for sample outreach message confirmation to protect your brand voice.

Also, the service needs only a warmed-up email mailbox for sending messages, making integration seamless. To get the system started, users need to provide information about their Ideal Customer Profile and Value Proposition.

Additionally, it offers a simple onboarding process inclusive of lead approval and customer service support. The service comes with a pricing plan and aims to provide significant savings compared to the costs of employing a Sales Development Representative.


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PitchBreeze was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates 1,000 leads monthly
Hyper-personalized message creation
Autopilot email outreach
Control over lead approval
Brand voice protection
Seamless integration with current email
Simple onboarding process
Customer service support
Scans company news for personalization
Scans social media for personalization
Saves costs vs Sales Development Representative
Customizable Ideal Customer Profile
Value Proposition integration
High open rates (30-60%)
High interested reply rates (1-2%)
Full process handled by PitchBreeze
Leads tailored to customer profile
Confirmation of sample outreach messages
Pay-as-you-go pricing
Leads data points enrichment
Hyper-personalized outreach emails
Own leads can be uploaded
Works with Gmail or Office365
Forwarding of positive responses
Follow-ups for non-responses
Flexible contract terms
Help with Ideal Customer Profile and Value Proposition
Automated replies stop on response
Emails sent via Gmail or Office365
Enriches leads with important data points
Preparatory work completed in one week


Requires warmed-up email
Lead approval needed
No message customization
Only Gmail and Office365 support
No free trial
Strictly autopilot
Basic customer service support
Only email outreach
Requires ICP and VP info
Priced monthly


What is PitchBreeze and how does it work?
How does PitchBreeze personalize messages?
Does PitchBreeze generate leads?
What is the maximum amount of leads that PitchBreeze can generate per month?
What is required to integrate PitchBreeze with my business email?
What information do I need to provide to start using PitchBreeze?
What is the onboarding process for PitchBreeze?
What is the pricing plan for PitchBreeze?
How does PitchBreeze compare to the costs of hiring a Sales Development Representative?
Can I control the lead approval process with PitchBreeze?
How can I protect my brand voice with PitchBreeze?
What are the customization options for the outreach messages with PitchBreeze?
What information does PitchBreeze use to tailor messages to potential customers?
What is the ideal customer profile and value proposition in PitchBreeze?
How can PitchBreeze help me save on sales development costs?
How does PitchBreeze handle customer service support?
Will PitchBreeze help with autopilot email outreach?
What type of data does PitchBreeze use for analysis?
Who is the ideal user for PitchBreeze?
What are open rates and interested reply rates with PitchBreeze?


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