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Scale deal-winning behaviour with Sales Playbooks.
Generated by ChatGPT is a Sales Playbook Automation Platform designed to optimize the operations of large sales teams by automating deal-winning behaviour. Offering its services to industries such as Banking, Insurance, Pharma, Auto and Retail, the platform provides multiple features to enhance overall sales performance.

Among these are dynamic product illustrations, which enable sellers to make real-time drawings that highlight relevant product benefits based on customer needs.

The platform further includes a Just-in-Time Content feature, arming the sales team with dynamic sales pitches, ready reckoners and personalized content, aimed to engage and convince customers at different stages of the sale cycle.

Another notable tool within the platform is the Interactive Product Illustrator, qualified to automate complex calculations based on customer input and generate personalized product presentations swiftly.

Sellers are further supported through tool features designed for Objection Handling. These features provide ready-to-use battlecards and curated responses to common objections, helping sellers resolve customer queries more effectively and faster.

Moreover, to enhance the skills of sales persons, the platform offers Learning Journeys & AI Role-plays. These include personalized learning journeys with byte-sized content, activity suggestions and AI-powered role-plays, preparing sellers for real-world scenarios and providing real-time AI-generated feedback to refine their performance.

Overall, serves as a partner to sales teams, enabling businesses to drive revenue and optimize their selling capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


Optimizes large sales teams operations
Dynamic product illustrations
Real-time drawings of products
Highlights product benefits
Just-In-Time Content
Dynamic sales pitches
Ready-to-use sales pitches
Personalized content for customers
Interactive Product Illustrator
Automates complex calculations
Generates personalized presentations
Objection Handling Tools
Ready-to-use battlecards
Curated responses to objections
Byte-sized learning content
Personalized learning journeys
Used by 550,000+ sellers
Suits multiple sectors (Banking, Insurance, Pharma, Auto, Retail)
Enhanced skills for sales persons
Drives revenue
Optimizes selling capabilities
Used for sales presentations creation ($1.75 Billion in 2022)
Empowers Million+ sales conversations yearly
Increased revenue by 56% for users
Saved 90% costs for Kotak Life Insurance
Increased prospecting visibility by 6X
Increased engagement scores by 17%
3X revenue increase for users
Deployable in less than 30 days
Boosts customer conversations
Pitches tailored to customer persona
Impressive industry adoption rates
Achieves 98% adoption at Axis Mutual Fund
Compare product features, pricing, real time
Prepare for real-world scenarios via simulation
Soft skills refinement environment
SWOT analysis and training
Support at every step from day 1
Helps identify capability gaps
Review progress and replicate high behaviour
Deployment of transformative initiatives
Helps companies save on collateral creation and distribution costs


Lacks detailed analytics
No chat functionality
No mentioned integration with CRM
No third-party app integration
Specific industries only
No multilingual support
Limited accessibility options
Focus on large teams
No downloadable content
No free trial mentioned


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How can help sellers deal with common objections?
How does's Learning Journeys feature work?
Does provide real-time AI-generated feedback for performance refinement?
Why do 550,000+ sellers use to drive their revenues?
What kind of sales presentations can be made with

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