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ByChris Gallagher
Expert CV writing for sales roles.
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Sample prompts:
Review my CV for sales roles
Tailor my CV for a specific sales job
Identify CV red flags for sales positions
Advise on improving CV aesthetics
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Job Seeker - Sales is a GPT that specializes in providing CV writing advice for individuals seeking sales roles. This tool offers personalized advice tailored to the user's unique career objectives in the sales industry.

The primary goal of Job Seeker - Sales is to help users improve the quality of their CVs, better positioning them to land desired jobs. The tool also offers guidance to users looking to tailor their CVs to specific sales job descriptions.

Beyond general improvement suggestions, it is also designed to identify and point out any 'red flags' in the CV which may be negatively affecting the user's job prospects.

These red flags could range from formatting errors, content flaws to any information that could potentially be seen as unfavorable by hiring managers in the sales industry.

Alongside the content of the CV, the tool offers advice on improving CV aesthetics, ensuring its visual appeal aligns with professional standards commonly accepted in the sales sector.

To interact with Job Seeker - Sales, users can use prompt starters such as 'Review my CV for sales roles' or 'Advise on improving CV aesthetics'. Note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for interaction.


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