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Automated phone system for efficient customer comm.
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Tellhop is a business phone system designed for small businesses, with the aim of making them look more professional, save time, and win more business.

The tool enables businesses to automate their communications with potential and returning customers through its AI-powered features. This includes an auto-respond feature for after-hours, a business texting option, a text menu, and a website "text us" widget.

The platform is also built for specific industries, such as auto shops, HVAC services, moving services, plumbers, restaurants, food trucks, and caterers, among others.

Tellhop has several pricing plans that can cater to different business needs, starting with a basic plan with calls and texts, up to a pro plan that includes website text widgets, unlimited text menu replies, unlimited call recording, and team collaboration features.

The tool's affordability is a highlight, as it is designed to be affordable and does not require new devices. Businesses who use Tellhop reported increased revenue and lead generation, happier customers, and more efficient operations, thanks to the tool's centralized communication, triggered replies, and ability to operate from personal phones and computers.

Tellhop also promotes the fact that customers prefer texting over calling a business, citing statistics that show 89% of customers prefer texting over calling, and that 7 of 10 will switch to a business that they can text.

Additionally, Tellhop offers a demo, blog, YouTube videos, help center, and dedicated customer support to ensure businesses get the most out of their tool.


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Pros and Cons


Auto-respond feature
Separate personal and professional
Website 'text us' widget
Automated text menu
Industry-specific tool
Works on personal devices
Centralized communication
Triggered replies
Customer preference for texting
Inclusive customer support
Demo available
Business texting option
Various pricing plans
Increases revenue and lead generation
Help center and blog
Offers YouTube videos
Current number porting feature
Availability of local numbers
Text engagement statistic highlighting
Statistics to support customer preference
QR codes for storefront window or truck
Business scaling without hiring
Call recording feature
Unlimited text menu replies
Team collaboration features
Transcribed voicemails
Mobile & desktop apps
Flexible call routing
Post call notes
Work contacts directory
Business texting (texts, photos, GIFs)
Team inbox for calls, texts, and voicemails


No multilingual support
No integration possibilities
Limited to specific industries
Complex pricing plans
Limited to US customers
No analytics offered
No free plan
Basic plan limitations
No specific mobile app features
Limited call recording capabilities


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