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2 powers personalization for 2,500+ stores to grow sales.
Generated by ChatGPT is a tool designed for significant personalization and relevancy in e-commerce. It helps boost sales by ensuring user-specific personalized experiences across various channels such as site search, product recommendations, emails, social media and ads. is equipped to understand the customers' behavior by tracking their interactions with the website and thereafter providing tailored content or ads, thus facilitating a more engaging user experience.

It is an international solution, currently used by stores worldwide for their personalization needs. Integrated with Cookiebot, it offers a cookieless personalization by maintaining user's cookie consent state.

As an aspect of GDPR-compliance, the user's permission is obtained before any data tracking and personalization activity. provides a range of features from enhancing site navigation, optimizing overall user experience to statistical reporting, thereby enabling website owners to understand how users are interacting with their website.

Note that shares user interaction data with advertising and analytics partners for further analysis and strategizing, requiring users to give their consent.


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Pros and Cons


Significant e-commerce personalization
Boosts sales
User-specific personalization
Various channels integration
Tracks user interactions
Provides tailored content
Engaging user experience
International solution
Integrated with Cookiebot
Cookieless personalization
GDPR compliant
Users' consent required
Enhances site navigation
Optimizes user experience
Provides statistical reports
Shares user data with analytics partners
Personalization for 2,500+ stores
Product recommendations
Site search customization
Email marketing support
Social media marketing integration
Online advertising support
Customer behavior analysis
Website optimization capability
Advertising analytics
User interaction tracking
User consent management
HubSpot integration
LinkedIn integration
Google Analytics integration
Hotjar integration
RudderStack integration
YouTube integration
Typeform integration
Talentech ApS integration
Meta Platforms, Inc. integration integration
AWS integration


Requires user consent
Shares data with partners
Infers customer behavior
Dependent on customer consent
Data shared for further analysis


What is
What features does offer for enhancing my e-commerce website?
How does ensure GDPR compliance?
What are the channels uses for personalization?
How does use data tracking to understand customer behavior?
Can work with global e-commerce stores?
What is cookieless personalization in
What is the relationship between and Cookiebot?
Does provide statistical reporting about my website?
Does share the data it collects with any partners?
How does contribute to boosting sales?
Is user consent required for to track data?
How does personalize experiences across different channels?
What aspects of user experience does optimize on my website?
How does enhance site navigation?
How does personalize emails and social media ads?
What kind of product recommendations can provide?
What is's approach to online advertising?
How can's customer behavior analysis help improve my service?
Can help me understand how users interact with my website?

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