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CRM for sales teams in startups
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Attain is a generative AI-powered CRM designed specifically for sales teams in startups. It offers flexible and tabular CRM functionalities that are simple, powerful, and highly customizable.

With its AI-enhanced lead generation feature, Attain allows users to prospect from a real-time database of contacts, estimated to be nearly 1 billion in size.Attain also provides a Smart AI Meeting Assistant that is capable of recording calls, updating CRM information, and taking notes, among other tasks.

This feature streamlines communication and ensures important information is accurately stored.The innovative AttainGPT™ technology allows users to easily generate analytics, recaps, and more, simply by making requests in plain English.

This advanced functionality eliminates the need for manual data analysis and enhances productivity.Attain stands out from traditional CRMs by being modern, unified, and tailored to support the needs of sales teams today.

It is built with the latest AI capabilities, giving users access to AI superpowers that enable more efficient and effective sales operations.Backed by Y Combinator and Khosla Ventures, Attain has gained recognition and support from prominent entities in the tech industry.

Users can join the waitlist to experience this groundbreaking CRM firsthand.Overall, Attain empowers startup sales teams with AI-driven tools that enhance lead generation, streamline communication, and simplify data analysis, ultimately improving sales efficiency and productivity.


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Attain was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for startup sales teams
Flexible and tabular CRM
Highly customizable functionalities
Real-time database of contacts
Near 1 billion contact database
Assists call recording
Updates CRM autonomously
Takes notes autonomously
Generates analytics via AttainGPT™
Generates recaps via AttainGPT™
Plain English request handling
Eliminates manual data analysis
Modern and unified design
Tailored support for sales
Backed by Y Combinator
Backed by Khosla Ventures
Waitlist availability
Enhances lead generation
Streamlines communication
Simplifies data analysis
Improves sales efficiency
Enhances sales productivity


No mobile application
Only suitable for startups
Waitlist for access
Not for large enterprises
Only English language functionality
No live support
Limited information on security
Potentially expensive
No integration API mentioned


What is Attain CRM?
What is the key functionality of Attain?
How does the AI-enhanced lead generation feature in Attain work?
What is the estimated size of the real-time database that Attain uses for prospecting?
What tasks can the Smart AI Meeting Assistant in Attain carry out?
How does AttainGPT™ technology function?
What makes Attain stand out from traditional CRMs?
What capabilities does Attain's AI offer to users?
What type of startups is Attain most suitable for?
Who has backed Attain?
Can I trial Attain before making a decision?
What kind of analytics can I generate with AttainGPT™?
How does Attain help improve sales team productivity?
How detailed are the notes that the Smart AI Meeting Assistant in Attain takes?
How customizable is Attain CRM?
How does Attain handle data privacy?
What are Attain's growth plans?
Is Attain a tool for both sales and marketing teams?
Does Attain offer features to automate sales team tasks?
Can I integrate Attain with other tools my sales team uses?

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