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Elevate sales with AI-powered CRM coaching.
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Attention is a specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform designed to enhance the performance of sales departments. It is tool aimed to augment the capabilities of your CRM and your sales teams, providing a range of tools for analysis, training and efficiency.

Attention collects and analyzes customer conversation data to provide valuable insights, facilitating better understanding of sales performance and customer preferences.

It offers sales training tools to streamline the analyses and improvement of sales representatives' performance. Attention also automates CRM tasks for revenue teams, reducing administrative tasks and helping to cut down on sales cycles for sales leaders.

An exclusive feature aids sales reps in filling out their CRM automatically, significantly saving time on manual entry. It showcases a highly intuitive compliance feature, ensuring all activities adhere to local regulations.

Additionally, the tool provides the benefit of improving sales forecasting, by comprehensively analyzing sales rep activities. Furthermore, Attention helps in automating follow-up emails by understanding conversations context.

Apart from these capabilities, Attention allows users to set custom triggers that will enable AI to monitor more important aspects of each call, thus enabling effective decision making.

Key features like identifying reasons for winning or losing deals, ranking customer churn reasons, providing insights on high-performing reps, and understanding common objections from prospects, make it a robust platform for sales-oriented organizations.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances CRM capabilities
Customer conversation data analysis
Sales performance insights
Sales training tools
Automates CRM tasks
Time-saving CRM features
Compliance feature for regulations
Improves sales forecasting
Automates follow-up emails
Custom triggers for calls
Identifies deal win/loss reasons
Ranks customer churn reasons
Insights on high-performing reps
Understands objections from prospects
Improves sales reps onboarding
Eliminates 50% admin tasks
Reduces sales cycles
Exclusive auto-fill CRM feature
Enterprise-grade security practices
Ensures recording law compliance
Auto-updates CRM fields
Follow-up email automation
Tracks important call aspects
Provides across-call insights
Identifies top customer churn reasons
1-click CRM updates
Real-time coaching for reps
Integrates with favorite tools
Compatible with any CRM
Requestable integrations
Aligns sales messaging
Email follow-ups in seconds


No data privacy details
Unspecified integration possibilities
Unclear system requirements
No offline feature clarification
Lacks multi-language support
No mobile app mentioned
Technical support level unclear
Mention of performance metrics absent
Real-time response delays potential


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