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Supercharge e-commerce on WhatsApp with a personalised AI sales and support expert tailored for your D2C brand.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that provides marketing and sales automation through WhatsApp. This tool is designed to upgrade the customer service experience from basic chatbots to an AI-driven platform that handles 80% of customer queries, thus freeing up support teams to concentrate on more complex issues.

It offers multiple distinct features including AI Sales Agent, AI Support Agent, AI Copywriter, and Support Co-Pilot. These features seamlessly guide customers through their purchase journeys, offering personalized recommendations and handling customer support queries.

With, companies can also automate post-purchase notifications and updates such as cart recovery, order confirmation, COD confirmation, order cancellation, order fulfillment, in-transit, out for delivery, and delivered notifications.

Additionally, it enables businesses to direct customers into their WhatsApp sales funnels through various channels. Integrating seamlessly with over 30+ plug and play native apps, simplifies the process of adding AI capabilities to a business's marketing and customer support operations.


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Pros and Cons


Marketing automation on WhatsApp
WhatsApp sales automation
80% customer query handling
Support Co-Pilot feature
Automated post-purchase notifications
Cart recovery automation
Order confirmation automation
COD confirmation automation
Order cancellation automation
Order fulfillment automation
In-transit notification automation
Out for delivery notification automation
Trackable WhatsApp sales funnels
30+ native app integrations
Supports sales and marketing
Provides personalized recommendations
Facilitates seamless product discovery
24x7 customer support
Generates readymade responses
Optimised for WhatsApp content
Effective ad budget utilization
User acquisition via ad-click
Auto assigning chats
Pre-made canned responses
Agent dashboard feature
Escalated conversation handling
Integration with Shopify
Integration with WooCommerce
Integration with Razorpay
Integration with Cashfree
Integration with Payu
Integration with Freshworks
Integration with UniCommerce


Limited to WhatsApp
Doesn't support all languages
Potential privacy issues
Dependent on WhatsApp updates
Limited app integrations
Restricted to iOS, Android
No Desktop version
Limited post-purchase automations
Complex setup for non-technical users


What is Sayl
What distinguishes from basic chatbots?
What key features does offer for marketing and sales automation?
How does the AI Sales Agent on work?
Can's AI Support Agent handle most customer queries?
What does the AI Copywriter on do?
What is the role of the Support Co-Pilot in
How does automate post-purchase notifications and updates?
What is the process of directing customers into WhatsApp sales funnels through
What native apps can integrate with?
How does supercharge e-commerce on WhatsApp?
Which D2C brands use
Can help with WhatsApp commerce?
What is the experience of brands who have used
How does help with customer service automation on WhatsApp?
What are the use cases of's AI Support Agent and Sales Agent?
How does assist with sales and marketing automation for e-commerce?
Can handle order confirmation and delivery notifications via WhatsApp?
Can help reduce my customer service team training costs?
What are the pricing options for using

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