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Personalizes outbound outreach to buying prospects.
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Intently is an AI-powered tool designed to help businesses drive sales by identifying ready-to-buy prospects and providing personalized outreach based on their specific needs.

The tool works by analyzing a wide range of data to pinpoint prospects showing buying intent signals relevant to a business offering. This feature frees up marketing and sales teams from time-consuming manual searches.

Companies can receive ranked lists of prospects and gain extensive knowledge about their specific needs and interests through exhaustive profiles. The AI-powered outreach messages are tailored to prospects' needs and interests, making a great first impression, and building genuine relationships from the start.

The emphasis on understanding prospects' needs is a distinct feature of Intently, providing valuable context that goes beyond basic lead and company information.

The platform offers businesses a 70% uplift in conversion rates, 2.9x higher average deal size, and 4x faster revenue growth. Carbon Search is a similar platform that provides intent data from Fortune 500 companies when they show an interest in buying a product.

This feature enables businesses to reach out to high-level leads at the right time to improve conversion rates. Intently is a useful tool for businesses that rely on targeted outreach to reach ready-to-buy prospects, saving time and effort while providing personalized engagement that resonates with potential customers.


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Intently was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Identifies ready-to-buy prospects
Personalized outreach
Analyzes broad data range
Targets buying intent signals
Saves time on manual searches
Ranked lists of prospects
Exhaustive prospect profiles
Outreach messages tailored to prospects
Genuine relationship building
Context beyond basic lead information
70% uplift in conversion rates
2.9x higher average deal size
4x faster revenue growth
Adapted to targeted outreach businesses
Understands specific prospect needs
Provides valuable prospect context
Facilitates faster-converting pipeline creation


No API provided
Limited to buyer intents
Lack of integration options
No real-time data capabilities
Requires extensive data input
No multi-language support
Does not offer detailed reporting
Does not identify non-buyer signals
Limited company profile details
No direct customer support mentioned


How does Intently identify ready-to-buy prospects?
What specific needs does Intently analyze for personalized outreach?
How can Intently free up my marketing and sales teams?
What kind of data does Intently collect and analyze to identify prospects?
Can Intently rank the list of prospects based on their likelihood of buying?
How does Intently help in building genuine relationships with prospects from day one?
What is the average uplift in conversion rates when using Intently?
How does the average deal size compare when using Intently versus not using it?
How does Intently contribute to faster revenue growth?
How does Intently differ from Carbon Search?
What kind of businesses find Intently most useful?
How are the AI-powered outreach messages personalized for each type of prospect?
How exhaustive are the profiles provided by Intently for each prospect?
What value does Intently provide beyond basic lead and company information?
How does Intently enable businesses to engage the right leads at the right time?
What are the specific needs and interests Intently can identify in prospects?
How does Intently balance the need for personalized outreach with respecting user privacy?
How does Intently ensure the accuracy of its data analysis?
Can Intently offer insights on what topics prospects are currently researching?
Does Intently provide updates or alerts when prospects show buying intent signals?


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