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ByScott Ohlund
Your Expert Salesforce CRM Chatbot
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to explore Salesforce architecture and automation strategies for your business needs. How can I assist you today?
Sample prompts:
How do I align Salesforce solutions with business goals using customer journey mapping?
What are the key considerations in designing Salesforce automation for efficiency?
Can you guide me through creating a future-state journey map in Salesforce?
How do I implement execution control in Salesforce automation using custom metadata types?
What strategies should I use to ensure my Salesforce architecture delivers continuous business value?
How do I create a Salesforce Flow that clones Note Records from one Closed Won Opportunity to a new Opportunity?
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SF CRM Sage by Scott Ohlund is a GPT developed to provide expert insights and knowledge on Salesforce CRM. With its roots well-established in a professional's 20 years of technical experience with Salesforce CRM, this tool aims to guide users in understanding and exploring the intricacies of Salesforce architecture and automation strategies, tailored to individual business needs.

Each inquiry option is designed to cover different aspects of Salesforce solutions, ranging from aligning these solutions with business objectives to implementing effective control in Salesforce automation.

Some prominent features of this GPT allow users to navigate creating future-state journey maps in Salesforce, designing Salesforce automation with an emphasis on efficiency, and ensuring Salesforce architecture consistently delivers business value.

Additional support is extended to more technical tasks such as creating Salesforce Flow to clone Note Records from a closed won opportunity to a new opportunity.

It essentially works as a personalized consultant, enabling users to optimise their engagement and utilisation of Salesforce CRM for optimal business outcomes.


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