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Hire your first AI sales agent to expand your sales funnel.
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Wine-ly is an AI-powered tool focused on expanding sales funnels and streamlining expenses by harnessing the power of cutting-edge integrations and generative AI technology.

Its core strength lies in Sales Development Representative expertise, using an unconventional approach to deeply understand your service and market to connect you with pre-qualified leads who have genuine interest in your offerings.

This automated system ensures efficient lead generation and cost-effective meeting bookings with potential clients. Wine-ly also boasts intelligent follow-up sequences that cater to your prospects accordingly, creating a groundwork for future insightful conversations.

Furthermore, this AI software can aid in identifying leads that fit your ideal customer profile by leveraging insights beyond standard criteria like company size, industry, and role, thus powering your outbound marketing efforts.

Notably, Wine-ly uses AI to construct tailored outbound email sequences from your cold client list to ensure impactful first-time engagement. Post-initial contact, customized follow-up emails are developed based on provided insights, thereby maximizing conversion opportunities.

It's a tool designed to bridge the gap between your venture and prospective buyers.


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Pros and Cons


Expanding sales funnels
Streamlining expenses
Cutting-edge integrations
Sales Development Representative expertise
Unconventional approach
Understanding service and market
Connecting with pre-qualified leads
Efficient lead generation
Cost-effective meeting bookings
Intelligent follow-up sequences
Identifying ideal customer profile
Leveraging insights beyond standard criteria
Powering outbound marketing efforts
Constructing outbound email sequences
Impacting first-time engagement
Customized follow-up emails
Maximizing conversion opportunities
Bridging gap between venture and buyers
Streamlining efforts in lead generation
Automated SDRs
Persuading potential clients
Booking and budget optimization
Surpassing performance of traditional SDRs
Identifying leads that align with ideal customer profile
Crafting customized outbound email sequences
Tailored follow-up emails
Handling closing duties
Optimized sales development operations
Optimized expenses
No prospect slipping through
Integration with ZoomInfo
Handing objections and strategies
Tailored nurturing sequences


No multilingual support
No mobile app
Limited integration options
No visible privacy protection
Requires extensive data input
Lacks real-time lead adjustment
No free trial offered
ZoomInfo exclusive
No tiered pricing structure
No option for self customization


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What is Wine-ly's strategy for future insightful conversations with prospects?
Can Wine-ly assist in identifying ideal customer profiles?
How does Wine-ly construct follow-up emails?
What efficiency does Wine-ly offer in booking potential client meetings?
Can you expand on the 'Sales Development Representative expertise' offered by Wine-ly?
Does Wine-ly offer AI-enabled sales?
How does Wine-ly streamline expenses?
What kind of business intelligence does Wine-ly offer?
How does Wine-ly handle outbound marketing?
What is the meaning of 'expand your sales funnel' with Wine-ly?
How can Wine-ly benefit me as a sales agent?
Why should I opt for Wine-ly as an AI software?
How does Wine-ly use AI to handle sales funnels?
What innovative integrations does Wine-ly use?

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