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Enhances Shopify's service & sales conversion.
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Conversagent is an AI-powered Shopify app developed by Clevertar that aims to enhance customer service and improve sales conversion rates. It offers round-the-clock automated assistance, ensuring that no potential sales are missed.

With Conversagent, customers can receive direct answers to their queries from the product page, avoiding the need for manual searching. The app also aims to reduce cart abandonment by engaging with customers in real-time and providing personalized content using advanced GPT4 technology.Conversagent utilizes cutting-edge AI, specifically OpenAI's GPT4, to generate friendly and tailored responses based on the content of the store.

It creates a library of store products and information, allowing the app to search for relevant answers to customer questions. By limiting responses to information present in the store, Conversagent aims to minimize the risk of inaccurate or irrelevant answers.In terms of data privacy, Conversagent does not process any personal data associated with store visitors or customers.

Clevertar's privacy policy can be accessed on their website.The pricing plan is based on "conversations" rather than the number of messages sent. Each interaction between a customer and the chatbot on different pages counts as one conversation.

Conversagent also offers a simple setup process with no coding requirements, making it accessible to all Shopify users.To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to have sufficient content across the store that answers common customer questions.

This can include FAQs, product descriptions, store policies, blog posts, and more. Periodic resyncing of the app with store content is necessary for up-to-date information, though an upcoming auto-sync feature is promised.


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Pros and Cons


24/7 automated assistance
Direct answers on product page
Minimizes cart abandonment
Real-time customer engagement
Personalized content with GPT4
Store-specific responses
Limits risk of inaccurate answers
Does not process personal data
Pricing based on conversations
No coding needed for setup
Periodic app-store resyncing
Upcoming auto-sync feature
Works exclusively with Shopify
Streamlined shopping experience
Constant customer support
Easy installation process
Plug and play Shopify app
Accessibility to all Shopify users
Requires no code for setup
Increased sales conversion rates


Only for Shopify platforms
Depends heavily on store content
Need regular manual resyncing
Privacy policy externally accessed
Pricing based on 'conversations'
No obvious multilingual support
Limited to GPT4 technologies
Difficult to predict cost
No IOS or Android app
Limited customer data processing


What is Conversagent?
How does Conversagent enhance the customer service on my Shopify store?
What is the role of Conversagent in sales conversion on my Shopify store?
How does Conversagent work round the clock?
How does Conversagent provide direct answers to customer queries?
How does Conversagent help in reducing cart abandonment?
What kind of technology does Conversagent use?
How does Conversagent ensure the accuracy of its responses?
Does Conversagent process any personal data of store visitors or customers?
What is Conversagent's pricing plan based on?
Can anyone install Conversagent on their Shopify store or does it require coding knowledge?
How often should I sync the app with the store content?
What is the auto-sync feature in Conversagent?
Does Conversagent work with Shopify themes other than 2.0?
How does Conversagent utilize GPT4 to generate friendly and tailored responses?
Can Conversagent provide assistance to customers if my store's content is not sufficiently detailed?
Can I install Conversagent on platforms other than Shopify?
Can Conversagent work outside of business hours to assist customers?
How does Conversagent help in increasing the engagement of my store?
How do I sign up for the Beta Partner program for Conversagent?

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