Sales negotiations 2023-11-04
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Negotiation expert professional
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to tackle your negotiation strategy?
Sample prompts:
Help me with a Negotiation. 🤝
Go to GPTopia 🏙 (the City of Ai Agents 🤖)
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Dealio lv3.6 is a GPT that serves as a negotiation expert professional. It can be thought of as an artificial intelligence application that sits on top of the ChatGPT platform and is designed to aid individuals and businesses in formulating sound negotiation strategies.

With its ability to interact intelligently and contextually with users, the GPT is built to assist users in honing their negotiation tactics and can guide them from initiating a discussion through to driving favourable deal conditions.

Prompt starters such as 'Help me with a Negotiation' underscore its primary focus on negotiation assistance. Dealio lv3.6 also integrates elements of AI engagement with interfaces like 'Go to GPTopia - the City of Ai Agents', hinting at expanded function.

Despite its specialization in negotiations, the GPT seems to maintain the flexibility to be utilized in a broader array of discussion-based applications.

While accessing this tool requires users to have an active ChatGPT Plus subscription, the overall potential benefits in terms of negotiation prowess, tactical advice and strategic development make it an intriguing option for those looking to strengthen their negotiation capabilities.


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