Sales negotiations 2023-10-21
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ByJordan Crawford
Find your ideal B2B prospects swiftly with our AI chatbot.
Sample prompts:
Your job is to be a VP of product marketing and go to this company's website and crawl as many links as possible using the Bing integration. Then what I want you to do is to define a perfectly specific ICP and persona from the template in the document. Now, ask me for my company's website and tell me to use Bing to crawl it, please.
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Blueprint Intent is a GPT designed principally for B2B Sales. It serves as a chatbot assistant that aids in searching through a multitude of job opportunities available - essential in identifying companies in need of your services.

Blueprint Intent does not only find potential business opportunities, but it also offers assistance on what to say to these companies, aiming to enhance communication and negotiation tactics.

It works on top of the foundational ChatGPT, therefore requires ChatGPT Plus. One of the features of this GPT includes creating a specific Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and persona after crawling numerous links on a target company's website using a Bing integration.

This function serves the user by providing a focused approach in understanding and meeting the needs of the desired company or client. Remember, while this tool offers assistance in identifying potential clients, it is also useful in refining your approach towards client interaction and engagement - optimizing your overall B2B sales strategy.


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