RFP Q&A 2023-08-06
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AI Copilot that helps win RFPs
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Inventive is an AI copilot that assists sales teams in responding to and winning RFPs. With the copilot's generative AI capabilities, proposal managers can understand and extract essential sections from RFP documents, obtain AI-generated responses to RFP questions, and receive intelligent suggestions on meeting compliance requirements and outshining competitors. By leveraging Inventive, sales teams can increase efficiency by 70+, crafting high-quality proposals that significantly enhance their chances of securing successful deals.

Built by a customer-obsessed team comprising an ex-exec from a Fortune 500 company and engineers from Google & Stanford. Backed by top Silicon Valley investors including YCombinator.

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Aug 8, 2023
kinda cool AI tool
Aug 7, 2023
Very interesting stuff

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Inventive was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 6th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Automates sales workflows
Enhances sales productivity
Research task automation
Optimizes lead interactions
Provides prospect research
Integrates with Slack
Delivers insights via email
Aids in responding to questionnaires
Drafts answers to RFPs, RFIs
Facilitates security questionnaire responses
Uses existing assets, documentation
User-friendly interface
Early access available


Limited to sales tasks
Only delivers information via Slack or email
No integration with popular CRMs
No native mobile app
Potential vulnerability regarding sensitive client information
Relies on user's existing resources
No multi-language support
Limited tool interoperability
No mention of scalability


What is Inventive?
How does Inventive automate sales tasks?
What are Inventive AI agents?
What is the main function of the Prospect Research AI agent in Inventive?
How do the AI agents in Inventive enhance sales productivity?
Can Inventive help me create content?
How does the Prospect Research AI agent deliver gathered information?
Is Inventive user-friendly?
What type of questionnaires can the Questionnaire Response AI agent help with?
Does Inventive offer custom AI agent creation services?
Does Inventive's AI agent assist only in sales tasks or can it help in other areas?
Do I have to use Slack to receive information from the Prospect Research AI agent?
Can Inventive help me automate a task that is not sales related?
How efficient is Inventive in automating sales workflows?
Does Inventive also help in the deal-making process?
Can Inventive draft answers to my RFPs, RFIs, and security questionnaires?
How does Inventive contribute to the productivity of a sales team?
Can Inventive provide assistance before a meeting with a new lead?
Can I use Inventive to research prospects?
How can I create an AI agent tailored to my requirements in Inventive?


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