RFP Q&A 2023-08-30
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Automates RFP document generation and response.
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AutoRFP.ai is an AI RFP (Request for Proposal) Response Automation Software. It utilizes Generative AI to automatically generate responses, making it the first of its kind.

This tool aims to help users create more compelling responses faster, providing RFP AI Tools for this purpose. With AutoRFP.ai, users are able to automate their responses to security and product questionnaires for RFPs.

The tool claims to enable users to respond in just 60 seconds, which can be a significant improvement compared to the average time it takes for teams to respond.

By automating the response process, it eliminates the need for repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing users to focus on more critical work. Additionally, AutoRFP.ai highlights the importance of RFPs, noting that a significant portion of average company revenue comes from them.

The tool also offers features such as content upload, project creation, response review with suggested improvements, collaboration, smart search, and a private and secure environment.

AutoRFP.ai claims to have been trusted by successful organizations, resulting in higher quality and quantity of deals. The pricing of AutoRFP.ai varies depending on the number of users and answers required each month, with the starting plan accessible to all at a monthly cost of $200.


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AutoRFP was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates responses automatically
Rapid response time
Eliminates repetitive tasks
Content upload feature
Project creation capability
Response review with improvements
Promotes collaboration
Smart search function
Private and secure environment
Trusted by successful companies
Higher deal quality and quantity
Different pricing plans available
Reduces response time significantly
Helpful for security questionnaires
Helpful for product questionnaires
Increase company revenue
Quick setup process
Data storage flexibility
Less click design
Context aware search
Managed infrastructure for security
Stores past responses
Customizable tone and structure
Assign tasks to subject experts
Integrated review process
Real-time collaboration
Demo available
Increases business wins
Accessibility for $200/month
Used in Health Tech sector
Facilitates better responses
Enables participation in more deals
Compatible with Word, Excel, PDF
Web portal for project import
Archiving, flagging, updating content
Fast draft generation
Helps find content instantly
Ensures confidentiality of information
Reduces resource under utilization
Supports participation in RFPs
Helps meet tight deadlines
Tool used by industry leaders
Facilitates increased productivity
Account ready in 24 hours
Improves response quality
Enhances competitiveness
Increases company deal flow


No free trial offered
Limited collaboration features
No API integration
Limited file type support
No offline mode
No custom domain feature
No multi-language support
May provide generic responses
No mobile application
Fixed tone and structure


What is AutoRFP.ai?
How does AutoRFP.ai work?
What kind of AI does AutoRFP.ai use to generate responses?
How long does it take to respond using AutoRFP.ai?
Can AutoRFP.ai really eliminate repetitive tasks?
What kind of companies can benefit from using AutoRFP.ai?
What other features does AutoRFP.ai offer?
Can I use AutoRFP.ai for collaboration?
How does the smart search feature in AutoRFP.ai work?
Is the environment provided by AutoRFP.ai secure?
Why should I trust AutoRFP.ai?
How much does AutoRFP.ai cost?
Is there a demo version of AutoRFP.ai that I can try?
How secure is the information I enter into AutoRFP.ai?
Can AutoRFP.ai store data in any AWS availability zone?
How long does it take to set up AutoRFP.ai?
What does 'private, business ready AI' mean in AutoRFP.ai?
How does AutoRFP.ai ensure the quality of the responses?
What type of content can I upload to AutoRFP.ai?
Can I assign certain parts of the response to specific team members in AutoRFP.ai?


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