RFP Q&A 2023-06-22
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Automates sales proposals and content creation.
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DealPage is an AI-powered tool designed for Solutions Engineers and Pre-sales teams. It enables users to generate highly customized proposals, security documents, and technical content in a shorter timeframe.

The tool is enterprise-ready, offering custom LLM (Language Model) tools for RFPs (Request for Proposals), Security Questionnaires, and other technical writing tasks.

By deploying the team's custom and secure chat GPT, DealPage facilitates efficient collaboration.DealPage provides several functionalities that aid sales engineers in their work.

Its knowledge base feature empowers users to enhance their AI capabilities with context on products, services, and security. Users can automate workflows, allowing AI to handle tasks such as drafting personalized responses to RFPs, RFIs (Request for Information), and SQs (Security Questionnaires) in minutes.

Furthermore, the tool offers a document editor that enables collaboration among teammates in real-time by creating and assigning tasks, as well as notifying and reminding subject matter experts.The workflow of DealPage involves four steps: building a knowledge base by uploading files or syncing with external tools, uploading an RFP or Security Questionnaire document for AI analysis and outlining, reviewing and editing the provided first draft response in the AI-powered document editor, and finally, assigning and completing tasks to finalize the content before submission.DealPage's integration capabilities allow it to plug into existing tools, providing convenience for users.

The tool also prioritizes enterprise security, offering fine-grained access control and hosting options to meet strict security requirements.By utilizing DealPage, sales engineering teams can expect benefits such as increased revenue, significant time savings, and reduced stress by automating repetitive tasks.

Overall, this tool streamlines the response process for RFPs and Security Questionnaires, making it faster, more efficient, and personalized.


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DealPage was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 14th 2023.
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