Writing 19 Jan 2023

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AIssistify is an AI Assistant designed to maximize the effectiveness of Sales, Marketing and RevOps. It helps to automate operations and streamline workflows by performing tasks such as writing emails, blog posts, and social posts faster than ever, creating better ads, responding to customer comments quickly, and generating new marketing ideas.

AIssistify also provides AI-powered HubSpot automation to leverage the power of OpenAI in the HubSpot CRM. It can be used to create custom prompts and even custom AI models trained on specific material.

Additionally, AIssistify offers outbound and inbound campaigns, content marketing and SEO services, website and landing page creation, social media posts and profiles, and customer success features.

For enterprise customers, AIssistify provides customized AI solutions to prepare data, train and testing OpenAI models, and connecting AI with the software used.

Lastly, AIssistify offers a free LinkedIn Ads generator to generate engaging ads with just a URL in 30 seconds.


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