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Assists in creating a story with Banned Words feature.
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Dreamily is an AI-assisted book-writing tool that helps users create stories. It allows users to specify the number of words in each step and to enable or disable the completion of sentences at each step.

Users can also create a Dreamipedia, which is a database of characters, their genders, life states, and relationships. It also provides a feature called Banned Words, which allows users to block certain words from appearing in the AI’s continuation.

Finally, Dreamily provides users with the ability to switch quickly between other cards, such as Unsupported Language or Server Error, to comply with relevant regulations on online content.

The AI-assisted tool takes a few seconds to compose and is an invaluable tool for those looking to craft stories with greater ease and creativity.


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Dreamily was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Banned Words feature
Custom word count steps
Completion sentence option
Integrated story database (Dreamipedia)
Quick switch between cards
Compliance with online content regulations
Fast composition speed
Downloadable stories
Supports multiple genres
Undo and edit functions
Option to save work
Customizable story backgrounds
Character detailing in Dreamipedia
Available on App Store
Available on Google Play
Guides for beginning of story
Customizable plot addition


Takes 15s-30s to compose
Restricted to set words
Doesn't prevent inappropriate content
No offline mode
No clear revision history
No multi-user collaboration
Banned words affect overall output


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How long does Dreamily take to compose a text?
Can Dreamily be used on both App Store and Google Play?
How can I switch between cards in Dreamily?
Is there a save feature in Dreamily for changes made?
What happens if I forget to save my changes in Dreamily?
How does the AI Dreamily start writing a story for me?
What kind of content does Dreamily produce?
How does the Complete Sentence feature affect Dreamily's output?
Can Dreamily write a story with just a single word or character name?
Does Dreamily's output depend on the banned word list?
Can I customize the relationships, gender and life state of characters in Dreamily?
How do I prevent certain words from appearing in Dreamily's continuation?


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