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Generates customized cover letters using templates.
Generated by ChatGPT

LazyApply's AI Cover Letter Generator is an automated tool that helps jobseekers create personalized, professional cover letters quickly and easily. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze a person's details and match them with the desired company and position.

The Cover Letter Generator then creates a personalized cover letter tailored for the job. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to enter personal information, fill job category and company name, and generate a cover letter.

It also features a built-in spell checker and grammar checker to ensure the cover letter is free of errors. The Cover Letter Generator provides a variety of templates for different job categories and industries, and supports downloads of the generated cover letter.

Additionally, it can be used as a LinkedIn and Indeed cover letter generator, and jobseekers can use it to automate job searches. The AI Cover Letter Generator is free to use and lets users create 5 personalized cover letters daily.


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Feb 15, 2024
Been a user since Sept 2023. It's a chrome extension. Also allows for one-click apply on lots of job forms too. When it works it's great and frees up a lot of time. But due to website updates, etc it might randomly stop working and then support is nearly impossible to reach, takes about 5-7 messages for them to responds resulting lots of lost time. Needs much better/responsive support to be a great tool.

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Pros and Cons


Generates customized cover letters
Analyzes user details
Matches user with desired job
Provides a variety templates
Built-in spell checker
Built-in grammar checker
Supports downloads of cover letters
Can be used as LinkedIn cover letter generator
Can be used as Indeed cover letter generator
Free to use
Allows creating 5 cover letters daily
User-friendly interface
Automates job searches
Includes various job categories and industries
Enables quick cover letter creation
Provides tone selection
Creates error-free cover letters
Supports all job categories
Personalizes cover letters
Checks for grammar and spelling errors
Quick processing time
Allows cover letter downloads
Designed for LinkedIn and Indeed
Job application automation feature
Email support available
Accommodates optional parameters
Positive user reviews
4.5 Star Rated by users


Limited to 5 cover letters daily
Lacks advanced customizability features
No multifunctional API
No live edit preview
Cannot integrate with ATS
No feedback mechanism
Single linguistic contextual analysis
No built-in thesaurus
No translation functionality
Limited to LinkedIn and Indeed


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How many templates does LazyApply provide for different job categories and industries?
Can I download my generated cover letter from LazyApply?
Is LazyApply compatible with LinkedIn and Indeed?
Is LazyApply's AI Cover Letter Generator free to use?
How many personalized cover letters can I generate daily using LazyApply?
Does LazyApply have tones options for the cover letter?
Can LazyApply's AI Cover Letter Generator write a cover letter for all job categories?
Does LazyApply auto-fill job applications?
What features are there in LazyApply's job application automation tool?
Can LazyApply's AI Cover Letter Generator help with my job search?
What users reviews and ratings does LazyApply's AI Cover Letter Generator have?
Is LazyApply's AI Cover Letter Generator powered by GPT-3?
Can LazyApply generate a cover letter for different job categories?
How does LazyApply ensure the quality of the generated cover letters?
How long does it take LazyApply to generate a cover letter?

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