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Generated personalized stories from images uploaded.
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PicTales is an AI-powered tool that generates unique stories based on provided images. By uploading their images, users can choose a genre, language, and with the help of AI, PicTales will create a unique story.

The tool supports over 100 languages and offers multiple genres to choose from, including Action, Thriller, and Comedy. PicTales claims that its AI engine is capable of generating a unique story every time, providing users with a personalized experience.

The platform also offers a free trial, enabling users to test the tool before making a purchase. PicTales is developed by Kites.Dev and is backed by social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It is also featured on the SaaS AI Tools directory, and Product Hunt, providing further credibility to the tool. The platform offers an affiliate program, allowing users to earn rewards for each customer they bring to the site.

PicTales has a clear and straightforward user interface, and users can sign up easily to start generating their personalized stories. The platform's terms and conditions are also available on their website.

In summary, PicTales is an AI-powered tool that uses images to generate unique stories, which can be tailored to different genres and languages. PicTales is user-friendly, offers multiple features, and is supported by credible social media platforms.


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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized stories
Accepts image uploads
Supports 100+ languages
Multiple genres available
Unique story generation
Free trial offered
Backed by social platforms
Featured on Product Hunt
Affiliate program
Clear user interface
Easy sign up process
Terms and conditions accessible
User-friendly platform
Genre selection
Language selection
Social media integration
Platform credibility
Earn rewards through affiliates
Easy startup process
Testing before purchase
Affordable pricing structure
Story freshness guaranteed
Wide language choice
Tailored storytelling
Compatible with diverse images
Handy public stories section
Cross-platform support
Language preference support
Action, thriller, comedy genres
User-driven story generation
Visibility via multiple platforms
Large user base
Quality output guaranteed
Frequently updated software
Multi-genre storytelling
Suitable for different user skills
Positive user reviews
Flexible content customization
Intuitive user experience
Support via established developer
Wide genre scope
Fast story creation
Personalized user experience
Varied style storytelling
Adaptable to user's creativity


No offline usage
No API available
Possibility of repetitive narratives
Lack of customization for stories
No batch image upload
No collaborative features
Doesn't support video inputs
Limited to 100 languages
No word limit control
No mobile app


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What is the SaaS AI Tools directory which features PicTales?
What is PicTales' affiliate program?
How can I sign up for PicTales?
Where can I find the terms and conditions for PicTales?
Can I use my own language to generate a story on PicTales?
What social media platforms is PicTales connected with?
What is the user-interface of PicTales like?
Is PicTales listed on Product Hunt?
How many languages does PicTales support?
Are there any rewards for bringing in new customers to PicTales?
How does PicTales' AI engine work to create stories?
How can I contact the developers of PicTales?

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