Optical illusions 2023-10-02
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Create illusions to reveal hidden image elements.
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Hidden Images is a tool that offers beautifully designed components created using Radix UI and Tailwind CSS. It provides users with the ability to create engaging AI illusions.

The tool's main purpose is to enable users to generate optical illusions by presenting images that appear differently depending on how they are viewed.

The Hidden Images website features a navigation menu with options such as Home, Create, Pricing, and Account. The Create section is where users can access the tool's functionalities to create their own AI illusions.

Each illusion is accompanied by a description and an image, which can be perceived in alternative ways by squinting or using a particular technique. Some examples of illusions include Drake depicted as a mountain, a village with a circular spiral, a village with square checkers, and even a troll face represented as a city.

These illusions encourage users to explore the hidden elements within the presented images. Hidden Images allows users to embrace their creativity and challenge their perception by providing various options for creating unique and visually captivating illusions.

By utilizing Radix UI and Tailwind CSS, this tool ensures a seamless user experience while offering a broad range of engaging and aesthetically pleasing components.


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