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Remove eyeglasses in portrait photos.
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Glasses Gone is an AI tool designed for portrait photo retouching, specifically focusing on removing eyeglasses or spectacles from the subject's face. By leveraging AI technology, the tool promises quick and efficient removal of eyeglasses in just a few minutes.

To achieve optimal results, users are advised to upload portrait photos where the subjects are looking straight ahead, as this will enhance the accuracy of the eyeglass removal process.

It is also recommended to select photos where the frame colors are simple and well-defined for better performance. However, please note that clear or patterned frames may not yield satisfactory results.The tool provides a square shape cropping option, allowing users to adjust and move the crop box after uploading their images to ensure the final result is in a square format.In addition to removing eyeglasses, Glasses Gone claims to offer a money-back guarantee if users find the output unsatisfactory.

For further improving the quality of the retouched images, the tool suggests using complementary free tools, such as clipdrop, to clean up any remaining artifacts.Glasses Gone is a service provided by GLASSES.GONE and is subject to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


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Glasses Gone was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 17th 2023.
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