Blur removal 2024-04-08
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Revitalize your blurry photos to crystal clarity.
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Fix Blur is a free AI-powered tool designed to enhance blurry pictures with a focus on human faces. Its main function is to revitalize photos by bringing out the details lost to blurring.

Central to its capabilities is a proficiency at transforming unclear facial features into crystal-clear imagery, making the tool appealing to users looking to improve their cherished photographic memories.

A user-friendly solution, Fix Blur prompts its users to upload their photos and see the improved results instantly, offering a near instant process from blurry imagery to clear photos.

It should be noted, however, that while the tool's primary focus is on improving the clarity of faces in photographs, it is equally competent at enhancing all kinds of images obscured by blur.

While Fix Blur is free to use, users have the option to support the service through financial contributions.


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Pros and Cons


Free to use
User-friendly interface
Instant processing
Specializes in facial features
Enhances all type images
Option for financial support
Improves photo clarity
Restores blurred images
Preserves photographic memories
Easy photo uploading
Immediate results viewing
Impressive blur correction
Dedicated support server
Privacy ensured
Aids in image restoration
No need for manual adjustments
Elevates image quality
Transforms unclear to clear
Revitalizes photos
Fast image enhancement


Focus on faces only
No batch processing
No adjustable settings
Dependent on image quality
Limited to blurriness correction
No offline usage
Requires internet connection
No direct social media sharing
Lack of advanced editing options


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How does Fix Blur achieve photo revitalization?
Can Fix Blur enhance a very old or degraded photo?
Is there a limit on the size or the number of photos I can upload to Fix Blur?
How safe are my photos when I upload them to Fix Blur?
Is it possible to donate to support Fix Blur?
What's the quality of the photos after Fix Blur enhancement?
Does Fix Blur work with both colour and black-and-white photos?
Do I need to install anything to use Fix Blur?
What does 'AI-powered' mean in reference to Fix Blur?
Can I use Fix Blur on my mobile device?
How long does Fix Blur typically take to process a photo?
Can I use Fix Blur to enhance a group photo with multiple faces?

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