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Restored blurry face photos efficiently.
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Face Photo Restorer is an AI-powered tool designed for restoring old and blurry face photos. With its highly efficient image restoration algorithms, this tool can enhance the quality of old photos, making them look as if they were taken yesterday.

It claims to be 100% free, and it has been used by over 63,532 customers worldwide with positive results. Users have praised the tool's fast and effective image processing, with some calling it a "magic" tool.

Additionally, the website features testimonials from users, including CEOs, software engineers, and designers, who have rated the Face Photo Restorer highly.

The tool is designed to fix blurry images by using AI-powered enhancement to enhance details, colors, and reduce noise in the image. It uses a deep learning AI model, specifically the GFPGAN model developed by TencentARC, to restore old photos to their former glory.

Face Photo Restorer is easy to use, as it only requires users to upload their blurry or old photos and click on the "restore" button. It is an ideal solution for individuals who want to preserve their memories or for businesses that need to restore old photos for various purposes, such as marketing and advertisement.

In summary, Face Photo Restorer is an efficient and reliable AI tool for improving the quality of old and blurry face photos.


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Fix Blurry Photos was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Restores old face photos
Efficient image restoration algorithms
100% free
Used by 63,532 customers
Fast image processing
Enhances detail in images
Improves image colors
Reduces image noise
Utilizes GFPGAN model
Easy to use interface
Suitable for individuals and businesses
Potentially useful for marketing
Testimonials from professionals provided
Eliminates blurriness


Only restores face photos
Doesn't support batch processing
No mobile app available
Doesn't provide offline capabilities
User data privacy concerns
Limited format support
No option to adjust settings
No integration with other software
Only uses GFPGAN model
No real-time preview feature


What is the Face Photo Restorer?
How does the Face Photo Restorer work?
Who can use the Face Photo Restorer?
Is Face Photo Restorer really free?
What type of photos can be restored with this tool?
How do I use the Face Photo Restorer?
What AI model does the Face Photo Restorer use?
What is TencentARC’s GFPGAN model?
How does Face Photo Restorer enhance the details and colors in an image?
Can I use this tool for business purpose, like for advertisements?
Why is this tool referred to as a 'magic' tool?
How many customers have used Face Photo Restorer so far?
What are some testimonials about the Face Photo Restorer?
Why is Face Photo Restorer considered reliable?
Does it require any additional software or plugin to use Face Photo Restorer?
Can Face Photo Restorer restore any blurry image?
How to restore my old photos using Face Photo Restorer?
How long does it take to restore a photo with Face Photo Restorer?
Are the images I upload to Face Photo Restorer private?
What makes Face Photo Restorer different from other similar AI tools?

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