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Generate movie backgrounds without green screen.
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Skyglass is an AI tool that enables users to create and design digital environments on their iPhone without the need for a green screen or physical trackers.

The platform allows users to film themselves in any environment they can imagine, generating full 360 AI-generated backgrounds in seconds. With access to a full library of high-quality assets as well as the ability to upload custom assets to the app, users can create professional-level content that matches industry standards for Hollywood VFX.

Skyglass app also provides real-time compositing, allowing users to view final results on set, add realism with practical sets and props, and extend beyond the green screen with Infinity Green Screen.

Skyglass accommodates creators of different levels, offering three plans for different levels of usage. The Creator plan ($4.99/month) allows users to create up to 50 AI environments per month, the Indie plan ($12.99/month) enables users to create up to 100 AI environments per month, and the Studio plan ($24.99/month) offers the most extensive features, allowing users to create up to 200 AI environments per month, external monitoring, custom 3D environments, and pipeline integration.

Skyglass is available for download on the App Store and users can contact the support team via email or join their Discord channel for updates on features and bug fixes.


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Skyglass was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No need for green screen
No physical trackers required
Real-time compositing
Custom assets upload
High-quality assets library
iPhone compatible
Generation of professional content
Offers three usage plans
App Store availability
Customer support via email
Discord channel for updates
Pipeline integration
External monitoring
Custom 3D environments
Removes watermark
Access to entire 3D environments library
Perfect shot with green screen & manual camera controls
Movie Render Queue
Monthly environment generation limits
Background removal feature
Infinity Green Screen
Realistic 3D environments
Upload your own Unreal Engine environments


iPhone only
No immediate support
No free trial
No Android version
No full software customization
No PC version
Cannot upload 3D assets in lower plans


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What is the Skyglass Forge feature?
How does Skyglass's real-time compositing feature work?
What is the Infinity Green Screen feature in Skyglass?
How can I contact the Skyglass support team?
Where can I download Skyglass?
Can I upload my custom assets to the Skyglass app?
What is meant by external monitoring in the context of Skyglass?
What is pipeline integration in Skyglass's Studio plan?
How does Skyglass achieve background removal without a green screen?
Can I see the final result during filming with Skyglass?
Does Skyglass offer a free trial for any of its plans?
Can I generate movie backgrounds on platforms other than iPhone with Skyglass?
Can I use Skyglass for professional level content creation?
Do I need a PC or physical trackers to use Skyglass?


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