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Generate clear and concise release notes automatically
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This AI-powered tool automates the creation of release notes, greatly reducing time and effort spent on this vital part of software development. It aims to transform communication with users about software updates, making it clear and precise.

The tool works by taking commit messages handpicked by developers, and then using these to form comprehensive release notes. This means developers can focus more on building software rather than writing and formatting release notes.

It also integrates with GitHub, streamlining the process further by accessing repositories directly and enabling selection of projects that require release notes.

The tool further simplifies this process by allowing users to select individual commit messages or use filters to narrow down their selection. Once commit messages are selected, the AI-powered generator creates a comprehensive release note ready for distribution.

This tool also gathers commit messages from multiple contributors and presents them in a unified format, promoting effective team communication. Pricing plans are scalable and designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes.


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Pros and Cons


Time-saving management solution
Clear, concise release notes
Eliminates complexity
Reduces time spent writing
Unifies commit messages
Enhances team communication
Seamless Github/Gitlab integration
Repository access from interface
Flexible commit message selection
Filtering for message selection
Automates creation of release notes
Promotes clear user communication
Multicontributor commit message gathering
Scalable pricing plans
Improved team productivity
Allows focus on core tasks
Decreases release note formatting
Automates note distribution
Early adopter benefits
Designed for wide scale range
Comprehensive, informative output
Fosters effective project management


Limited to Github, Gitlab integration
No multi-project support
No real-time collaboration
No versioning of notes
No API for custom integrations
No options for custom formatting
Limited to specific pricing tiers
No free unlimited plan
Selection, filtration of commit messages needed
May exclude non-tech team members


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