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Email writing assistant extension for Chrome.
Generated by ChatGPT

GhostWrite is an AI-driven email writing assistant extension for Chrome. Powered by ChatGPT, it can help you write, compose, and reply to emails with just a few words.

GhostWrite AI uses artificial intelligence to automate the writing process, allowing you to spend more time on the important things. It can generate full-length emails from short phrases and bullets, write professional sounding emails in your own tone, automatically correct grammar and spelling, save and reuse email templates generated by AI, and automatically draft a full-length reply in one click.

GhostWrite is a full suite of AI email tools that makes email writing easier and more efficient.


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Ghostwrite was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Uses ChatGPT
Automated email writing
Generates full emails
Works from short phrases
Supports custom tone
Automatic grammar correction
Automatic spelling correction
One-click full reply drafting
Appropriate for business use
Effective for productivity improvement
Works with in-app purchases
Small size (81.85KiB)
Developer responsive to user feedback
Positive user reviews
Clear privacy policy
Compatible with multiple devices
Installs quickly
Lightweight Design
User-friendly interface
Secure against third-party data sales
Useful for users with dyslexia
Effective email drafting from bullets
Emails sound professionally written
Popular with 10,000+ users
Assist automatically in email writing
Compliant with Chrome standards
Improves writing speed
Improves writing efficiency
No history of violations
Customizable email templates
Supports developer contact


Only available on Chrome
Limited to email writing
No offline functionality
Possible privacy concerns
Limited language support
Dependent on ChatGPT performance
No Outlook support
Potential over-reliance on templates
Unclear update frequency
Tool size unclear


What is GhostWrite AI?
How does GhostWrite AI work?
What is ChatGPT and how is it related to GhostWrite?
What features does GhostWrite AI offer in terms of writing emails?
How does GhostWrite AI ensure the correctness of grammar and spelling in the emails?
How does GhostWrite AI compose professional sounding emails in my own tone?
Can GhostWrite AI generate full-length emails from a few keywords or short phrases?
Can I save and reuse email templates generated by GhostWrite AI?
Can GhostWrite draft a full email reply in just one click?
How can I install GhostWrite?
How does GhostWrite manage email data privacy?
Is GhostWrite available in languages other than English?
Can GhostWrite AI be used on browsers other than Chrome?
How to use GhostWrite AI for writing emails instantly?
Does GhostWrite offer in-app purchases?
Are there any system requirements for using GhostWrite AI?
How can GhostWrite AI improve my productivity?
How does GhostWrite compare to other AI email tools?
How many users rely on GhostWrite for email writing?
What are some reviews or testimonials for GhostWrite AI?

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