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Online writing software for authors.
Generated by ChatGPT is an online book writing software that works in any web browser and on any device, including phones. It is designed by writers for writers and allows users to create their stories in any style they choose.

It securely stores words in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. It has a number of features to help authors write more efficiently and effectively, such as a text editor, word counting, AI Writing Assistant, custom wiki, and Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Manager.

It also has a Revision Board to keep track of notes and reminders. offers free and paid plans, with the free plan allowing users to write up to 100,000 words and access all standard tier features for two weeks.

The paid plans include the Standard, Advanced, and Professional plans, which offer unlimited stories and words, access to AI Writing Assistant, and up to 150,000 AI words per month respectively.


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Pros and Cons


Works on any device
Cloud storage for content
Designed by actual writers
Text editor feature
Revision Board for notes
Custom Wiki for organization
Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Manager
Free and paid plans
100,000 words limit in free plan
Unlimited stories and words in paid plans
Analytics for writing
Export manuscripts as PDF or DocX
Built-in Wiki Manager
Auto-detection and tagging story elements
Shareable wikis across projects
Stats and graphs for characters and elements
Story planning with Beat Sheet Manager
Reminder feature for projects and scenes
Revision filtering
Includes support for Save the Cat!
Create detailed profiles for story elements
PDF and Word DocX exporters
Auto-tracking and tagging Wiki items
Project sharing with other users
Attachable notes and reminders
Document-wide reminder management
Dark and focus mode
Integrated tracking and analytics
Project and scene reminders


Free plan constraints
No mobile app
Limited export options
Only English UI
2-week trial restrictions
Paid plan needed for full features


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How does Scene One app assist in story planning and revision management?
What is the utility of the Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Manager in Scene One app?


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