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Assisted writing for macOS/iOS.
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WriteMage is an AI app that integrates chat GPT into macOS and iOS workflow, enabling users to increase their productivity in any app on their devices.

It works natively on macOS/iOS and floats on top of any macOS app, becoming a context-aware assistant that remembers session data and provides appropriate answers.

It also saves chat history locally, enabling users to pick up the conversation from where they left off. WriteMage's iOS version can be downloaded from the App Store at $25, whereas the macOS version is available for free while in beta, with a 25% lifetime discount if purchased before March 20, 2023, using the code PHLAUNCHDEAL.

Despite several clones in the market, WriteMage was designed to overcome the limitations of Apple's platforms, providing a unique and value-adding user experience.WriteMage's pricing ranges from $10/month to $11.87/month if billed annually, and provides a no-nonsense, expensive pricing scheme.

Users can purchase a Basic/$159.99 subscription, which includes two macOS devices, WriteMage iOS keyboard, and the possibility to provide one's own API key, with no word limit.

Alternatively, users can opt for the Personal/$189.99 subscription, which doubles the macOS device allowance, takes care of the API part, and provides 750,000 words per month.Finally, users who prefer a lifetime deal of WriteMage can get one at $169.99/year, inclusive of two macOS devices, WriteMage iOS keyboard, and a two-year update.


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Pros and Cons


Integrates with macOS/iOS workflow
Works natively on macOS/iOS
Context-aware assistant
Remembers session data
Answers based on context
Saves chat history locally
Accessible from all apps
Multiple pricing plans
iOS version available
25% lifetime discount offer
Basic/Personal/Lifetime deals
Option to provide own API key
No word limit for Basic plan
750,000 words/month for Personal plan
Two-year updates for Lifetime deal
MAC and iOS apps included in Lifetime deal
Free macOS version during beta
Discount code for launch sale
Up to 4 devices allowed
Two products - app and keyboard
Integrated natively with iOS keyboard
Supports both Intel & Apple Silicon macs
Availability via App Store for iOS
Local storage for chat history
Customizable preset prompts


Only for macOS/iOS
Expensive pricing scheme
Extra cost for API key
Storage limited to local
Monthly word limit
Only 2-4 devices allowance
Separate pricing for iOS/macOS
Update only for two years
Limited beta with purchase

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