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Writing assistant for SEO and marketing content.
Generated by ChatGPT

GPT GhostWryter is an AI Writing Assistant specifically designed for Google Docs™ that helps users write SEO texts, blog posts, and other marketing content.

Powered by OpenAI™ GPT, this AI tool offers a variety of high-quality content generated quickly and at a fraction of the cost. OpenAI licenses are required to use the tool and customers pay for content based on tokens, where 1,000 tokens are equivalent to about 750 words.

This means for just one dollar, users can generate about 37,500 words. GhostWryter is a great tool for those looking to save time and money while creating content that is of a high quality.

It is easy to use and offers users the opportunity to create a variety of content quickly and at a low cost.


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GhostWryter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Google Docs integrated
Specifically designed for SEO
Cost-effective content creation
Fast content generation
Quality content assurance
Great for time-saving
User-friendly design
Versatile content creation
Token-based payment method
Affordable pricing model
Specialized for marketing content
35,000 words for $1
Automated writing assistance
Can automate blog posts


Specific to Google Docs
Content costs based on tokens
Token-to-word system complex
Limited content variety
No multilingual support
No on-tool editing
Opaque pricing structure
Not suitable for large volumes
Restricted content formatting


What is GhostWryter?
How does GhostWryter work?
Can I use GhostWryter for blog posts and SEO texts?
Is GhostWryter compatible with Google Docs?
What is the cost structure for using GhostWryter?
How does GhostWryter's token system function and how does it relate to word count?
What models does GhostWryter use for its AI writing?
How quickly can GhostWryter generate content?
Are there any subscription plans for GhostWryter?
What is the benefit of having my own OpenAI license key when using GhostWryter?
Does GhostWryter have a limit on the amount of words it can generate per dollar?
Is GhostWryter designed solely for SEO and marketing content?
Are there samples of texts directly generated by GhostWryter?
What is the basic requirement to get started with GhostWryter?
Does GhostWryter provide any tools or features for content idea generation?
How do I get support if I encounter issues with GhostWryter?
Can I use GhostWryter on other text editors apart from Google Docs?
Is GhostWryter powered by OpenAI?
How does GhostWryter ensure the quality of the generated content?
Can I use GhostWryter to write marketing content for different fields?

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