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AI Writer is a versatile writing platform powered by artificial intelligence. It is primarily designed to significantly speed up content creation. The tool covers a range of applications including blog articles, SEO content, product descriptions, and many more, with a strong focus on ensuring plagiarism-free and SEO-optimized content.

It further extends its capabilities to generating emails, ads and other forms of content. One of the standout features is the AI-powered chat that enables intelligent conversations, thus providing personalized assistance.

The platform also includes a text-to-speech feature and image analysis tool which precisely understand and interpret images with diverse applications such as content moderation and image recognition.

It also hosts an array of content generation capabilities such as code, tweets, Instagram hashtags, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, emails, cover letters, blog intros, ideas, and outlines, Quora answers and product descriptions.

The platform also aids in crafting website titles and writing meta descriptions and keywords. In addition, for checking content, it has a Grammatical Error Fix feature that identifies and corrects grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors.

Furthermore, the tool includes a Story Generator, which creates a structured template that can be used in story writing and an Article Rewriter that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to rewrite existing content, making it unique for SEO and content marketing purposes.


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Pros and Cons


Plagiarism-free content
SEO-optimized content
Text-to-speech feature
Image analysis tool
Generates diverse contents (emails, ads)
Generates social media posts
Content generation tool for code
Creation of Cover letters
Blog intros generation
Ideas and outlines
Quora answers generation
Website titles and Meta descriptions
Grammar, Syntax, and Punctuation check
Story and Article Generator
Article rewriter
Generates product descriptions
Generates multiple types of ads
Generates meta descriptions and keywords
Creates and analyzes Image variations
Audio Transcript feature
Generates video titles and descriptions
YouTube tag generator
Generates YouTube intros and outlines
Multilingual (100+ languages)
High sentiment analysis accuracy
Visual and intuitive interface
Generates precise Instagram hashtags
Can generate Facebook and LinkedIn posts
Generates blog ideas
Generates blog outlines and posts
Generates email pitches and subject lines
Job seekers cover letter assistance
Analyzes and offers blog intros
Generates outline of webpage's content
Generates FB Ads text
Generates Google Ads
Generates Quora ad body
Generates video ideas
Generates YouTube video tags and outlines
Generates image text
Extracts text from audio files


No mobile app
Need credit card post-trial
Limited free trial
Image analysis inaccuracies
Grammatical error detector errors
Chat feature limited
Overemphasis on SEO
Token-based text usage computation


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Does AI Writer offer a Text-To-Speech feature?
Can AI Writer help with writing product descriptions?
Does AI Writer have an AI-powered chat feature?
Can AI Writer create emails and ads?
Can AI Writer help in generating website titles?
Can AI Writer generate Quora answers?
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Can AI Writer generate blog intros, ideas, and outlines?
Can AI Writer help with writing cover letters?

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