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Optimized resumes with ATS features.
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Rezi AI Resume Editor is an AI-based resume builder that helps job seekers create a resume that is sure to check the boxes when it comes to applicant tracking systems.

It is powered by GPT-3 API from OpenAI and has been trained to understand best resume writing practices from the company's experience and database of resume content.

Rezi AI Resume Editor has features such as AI Resume Writing Features, AI Document Generation Features, and Other Rezi Features. AI Resume Writing Features include AI Bullet Point Writer, AI Bullet Point Editor, and AI Resume Summary Generator.

AI Document Generation Features include AI Cover Letter Writer and AI Resignation Letter Writer. Other Rezi Features include AI Keyword Targeting, Real-Time Content Analysis, Blockchain Verified Resume, Resume Example Library, Cover Letter Example Library, and Resignation Example Library.

Rezi AI Resume Editor offers two pricing options, a 50K AI Credit Pack and a 100K AI Credit Pack. The 50K AI Credit Pack is a non-expiring, non-renewing pack that is available with a single payment of $10.

The 100K AI Credit Pack is a non-expiring, renewing monthly pack that is available for $29 per month and comes with access to all Rezi Pro features.


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AI Resume Editor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


ATS optimization feature
GPT-3 API integration
Resume Document Generation
Keyword Targeting Features
Real-Time Content Analysis
Blockchain Verified Resumes
Resume/Cover Letter/Resignation Letter Libraries
Cloneable examples
Monthly renewing Pro packs
Multiple pricing options
1-click contents improvements
Step-by-step guidance
Advanced resume design templates
Supports PDF, DOCX, Drive Export
Unlimited Resumes in Pro
Unlimited Cover Letters in Pro
Priority User Support
Integration in Experience, Projects section
Tool developed from resume database
Resume Formats in Pro


No free trial
Limited plans options
Renewing only for 100K Pack
No import feature
Limited resume formats
Blockchain-verified resume unnecessary
Targeting keywords feature unclear
Limited document generation capabilities


What is the Rezi AI Resume Editor?
What special features does the Rezi AI Resume Editor offer?
How does Rezi AI Resume Editor work with GPT-3 API from OpenAI?
What are the AI Resume Writing Features of Rezi AI Resume Editor?
What does AI Document Generation Features of Rezi AI Resume Editor include?
What are the Other Rezi Features in the Rezi AI Resume Editor?
Can Rezi AI Resume Editor help optimize resumes with applicant tracking systems?
What is the pricing for Rezi AI Resume Editor?
What is the difference between the 50K AI Credit Pack and the 100K AI Credit Pack of Rezi AI Resume Editor?
Does Rezi AI Resume Editor provide any example resumes and cover letters?
Are there any keyword targeting features in Rezi AI Resume Editor?
How does the blockchain verified resume feature work in Rezi AI Resume Editor?
Is there real-time content analysis feature in Rezi AI Resume Editor?
Are there any packages that come with monthly renewals in Rezi AI Resume Editor?
Can I create multiple resumes with Rezi AI Resume Editor?
Does Rezi AI Resume Editor offer generation of resignation letters?
Can I export the files generated by Rezi AI Resume Editor in PDF or Docx format?
Does Rezi AI Resume Editor offer any user support?
Are there any tutorials or user guides available for Rezi AI Resume Editor?
How can I edit my bullet points in Rezi AI Resume Editor?

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