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Automated marketing for Shopify stores.
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tinyEinstein is an AI-powered marketing manager designed to help Shopify store owners automate key marketing activities for their business. The AI tool replaces email service providers and marketing managers, saving users time and expenses while increasing sales.

Users can choose from three options, including the marketing assistant, marketing specialist, and growth manager, depending on their needs. The AI software automates the process of sending on-brand messages with no ongoing input while giving Shopify store owners back hours of time weekly.

The tool automates essential marketing activities using AI and playbooks from some of the most significant e-commerce brands. The software enables business owners to save tens of thousands of dollars in expenses by replacing costly software and agency costs with an all-in-one solution.

Additionally, the AI tool comes with an onboarding process that is friendly and intuitive, enabling users to start automating their marketing processes in under two minutes.

Users can choose from plans starting at just $3 per month. The software is beloved by Shopify stores worldwide, with numerous users praising the customer support and high-quality service they received from the tinyEinstein team.

Overall, tinyEinstein is a highly effective, affordable, and customizable AI-powered marketing manager that saves time, money, and resources for Shopify store owners.


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Jun 15, 2023
Clever!!! With the app, you can automate and schedule your messages using ready made templates. This is a convenient way to save time and effort.

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TinyEinstein was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fully automated marketing
Shopify store-specific
Customization options available
Friendly onboarding process
Quick setup under two minutes
Cost effective
Replaces email service providers
Replaces marketing managers
Saves time
Boosts sales
Uses e-commerce brand playbooks
Significant cost savings
On-brand messaging
All-in-one marketing solution
Global user praise
High-quality customer support
Various plan options
Specific plans for solopreneurs
Specific plans for marketing managers
Specific plans for business owners
Convenient weekly time-saving features
Automated performance monitoring
Intuitive interface
Extensible store visits
Increased ROI within 3 months
Saves thousands in expenses
Create professional automated emails
Automates complex marketing activities
Generates on-brand emails
Implements trending product marketing
Automated abandon cart emails
Creates purchase thank-you emails
Automated welcome emails
Creates weekly newsletters
Automated revenue reporting
Email capture forms feature
Store data sync feature
Auto-generated master template
Automated one-click installations
Affordable scalable pricing
Free Trial available
Quickly expandable as you grow
Appreciated by Shopify entrepreneurs
Enrich customer interactions
Personalized customer communication


Only for Shopify stores
No manual design customization
Limited automation scenarios
No image replacement
Only email marketing
No non-Shopify data sync
No multichannel automation capabilities
No API integration


What is TinyEinstein?
How does TinyEinstein work?
What specific services does TinyEinstein offer?
What is the pricing for TinyEinstein?
Does TinyEinstein have a trial period?
Is TinyEinstein only suitable for Shopify stores?
How does TinyEinstein save time for business owners?
Does TinyEinstein send on-brand messages automatically?
What kind of onboarding process does TinyEinstein offer?
What are the differences between marketing assistant, marketing specialist, and growth manager options in TinyEinstein?
Is TinyEinstein suitable for solopreneurs or small teams?
How much time can TinyEinstein save per week?
Can I customize my TinyEinstein subscription based on my needs?
Are there any client testimonials for TinyEinstein?
How does TinyEinstein support email marketing?
Is TinyEinstein able to handle email capture and form creation?
What is tinyEinstein's email support contact?
What automations can TinyEinstein enable for my business?
Does TinyEinstein have a partner program?
How does TinyEinstein ensure that emails match my brand’s voice and style?

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