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Sales chatbot for conversations that enable.
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Orimon is a chatbot builder tool that allows for the quick and easy creation of a conversational AI chatbot for sales enablement purposes. Its central feature is the ability to build and deploy a chatbot in under two minutes with no coding required.

Orimon is powered by GPT4 from OpenAI and Oriserve, Google's globally awarded No. 1 Sales-Enabled conversational AI. The tool is pre-built with templates for various use cases and industries, making it accessible and useful for a wide range of businesses.

Orimon's chatbots are advanced, sales-enabled conversational AI, which engages your audience with human-like capable AI-led conversations, able to understand the intent and objectives of the customer.

They also offer real conversational AI chatbots for websites, making them more engaging and effective for a better customer experience. Orimon's chatbot also boasts features like advanced sales-enabling tech-stack, pre-trained AI that understands the unique customer journeys of various industries, and can comprehend over 120 languages and dialects.

Additionally, Orimon is trusted by some of the best brands across diverse industries, ensuring its reliability and ease of use. Overall, Orimon is a reliable tool for businesses looking to improve their customer engagement and sales potential through the use of conversational AI chatbots.


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Pros and Cons


Quick chatbot creation
No coding required
Powered by GPT4
Powered by Oriserve
Pre-built templates
Understand customer intents
Understands customer objectives
Supports over 120 languages
Chatbots for websites
Advanced sales tech-stack
Understands unique customer journeys
Trusted by top brands
Free lifetime updates
Simple integration
Comprehends business and branding
Re-directs conversations towards brand goals
Not rules-based pre-defined chatbot


No explicit pricing
Potential language comprehension issues
Requires access to business information
Not specifically designed for specific industries
Unclear about integration with other tools
Reliance on pre-built templates
May not be suitable for complex dialogues
Limited customisation options


What is Orimon?
What is a unique feature of Orimon?
What is GPT4 from OpenAI and Oriserve?
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Can Orimon's chatbots comprehend multiple languages?
Does Orimon support any specific industries?
How does Orimon enhance customer engagement?
What is the sales-enabling tech-stack in Orimon?
What are some brands that trust Orimon?
Can Orimon's chatbots be integrated onto my website?
How many languages can Orimon's chatbots understand?
What is Ori AI?
Does Orimon offer any free plans or trials?
How does Orimon AI understand the unique customer journeys of various industries?
Does using Orimon require a credit card?
How does Orimon differ from traditional pre-defined chatbots?
How are Orimon's chatbots deployed?
Are there any regular updates for the templates in Orimon?

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