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Get qualified leads weekly. Zero repetitive work.
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Automatica is an AI-powered tool designed to deliver qualified leads to its users on a weekly basis, effectively reducing repetitive work. The tool leverages AI capabilities to automate cold outreach personalization and optimize meeting bookings by overcoming potential objections.

Automatica allows users to custom qualify their leads, broaden the scale of personalized outreach, and expedite the booking of meetings. Inherent features include automatic lead searches against a vast pool of contact data, custom lead qualification through intricate question-based research, and prioritized leads selection.

It facilitates hyper-personalized email outreach at scale, in accordance with user-specified instructions. This system is designed to react to objections and convert cold leads more swiftly by utilizing a trained AI.

Automatica also includes 24/7 operating AI Assistants that render services, allowing the users to free themselves from repetitive tasks. The AI tool integrates seamlessly into existing systems to enhance their efficiency.

Additional functions encompass prospect monitoring, inbound lead qualification, recruiting functions and marketing strategies. It tracks prospects and engages them with hyper-personalized copy, monitors product champions and target buyers for job alterations or job posts, and aids in identifying candidates likely to switch jobs while supplying personalized outreach messages.


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Automatica was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Weekly qualified leads delivery
Automated cold outreach personalization
Optimized meeting bookings
Custom qualification of leads
Broad scale personalized outreach
Automatic lead searches
Custom lead qualification
Prioritized lead selection
Hyper-personalized email outreach
Clear reaction to objections
Swift cold leads conversion
Free user from repetitiveness
Seamless integration into systems
Enhanced efficiency
Prospect monitoring functionality
Inbound lead qualification
Recruiting functions
Marketing strategies application
Job alteration monitoring
Job post monitoring
Identification of job-switch candidates
Personalized outreach messages supply
Vast contact data pool
Intricate question-based research
No Learning Curve
Hyper-personalized copy engagement
Seamless system integration


No mobile application
Not targeted for individuals
Requires customer specification proficiency
No trial version available
Potentially intrusive automated outreach
No real-time conversation function
Limited system integration scope
Relevance of leads unclear
No multilingual support
Reliance on user-defined instructions


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What are some inherent features of Automatica?
Is there any prior training required for the AI used in Automatica?
What duties does the 24/7 operating AI assistant handle within Automatica?
Can Automatica seamlessly integrate into my existing systems?
What additional functions does Automatica provide apart from lead qualification?
How does Automatica assist in prospect monitoring?
How is Automatica useful for recruiting functions?
How can Automatica add value to my marketing strategies?
What is the process involved in Automatica's personalized outreach messages?
How does Automatica track product champions and target buyers for job changes?
Can Automatica aid in identifying candidates likely to switch jobs?
What parameters does Automatica consider to rank leads?
How are custom AI assistants built using Automatica?
What makes Automatica an efficient tool for sales automation?
Can Automatica handle inbound lead qualification?


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