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Chatbot for improved customer service and sales.
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Norby AI is an AI chatbot designed to provide human-like customer care for online stores, healthcare, crypto, and fintech businesses. It has upsell and shopping cart recovery tools, and a 30 day free trial.

The tool is powered by Cookiebot, a consent and cookie management service. Its purpose is to enable website owners to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, analyze website traffic, and prevent cross-site request forgery.

Norby AI uses cookies to detect errors, assign visitors ID's so they don't get registered twice, obtain data on visitor behaviour, track visitors across websites, and optimize ad-relevance.

The cookies are categorized into Necessary, Preference, Statistics, and Marketing. Norby AI is easy to use and is designed to help improve customer experience.


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Norby AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Human-like customer support
Free 30-day trial
Specializes in diverse fields like online stores, healthcare, and fintech
Shopping cart recovery feature
Optimized cookie management
Error detection
Visitor behaviour tracking
Ad-relevance optimization
Preference, Necessary, Statistics, and Marketing cookie categorization
Easy to use
Control Panel for efficient administration
Mother-tongue communication
Recognizes typos, language morphology, synonyms, and common speech errors
Inline upselling through the chat
Collects user information
Ability to forward demos & calls
Affordable for small and medium-sized businesses
24/7 availability
Norby API service
Promotional capabilities
Customer segmentation application
Various language support
Statistical data collection for visitor behaviour


Relies heavily on cookies
Higher potential for cross-site request forgery
No support for regional language preferences
No explicit antispam measures
Extensive data tracking practices
May register users twice
May be confusing to visitors unaccustomed to wide use of cookies


What is Norby AI?
What types of businesses can use Norby AI?
What are the features of Norby AI?
How does the 30 days free trial work with Norby AI?
What services does Cookiebot provide for Norby AI?
How does Norby AI use cookies?
How can I personalize content and ads using Norby AI?
How can Norby AI help me analyze website traffic?
What is the purpose of different types of cookies used by Norby AI?
How does Norby AI ensure the security of my website?
How can I use Norby AI for upselling and shopping cart recovery?
Is there any demo or call booking feature in Norby AI?
Can I integrate Norby AI's chatbot into my website?
What control options do I have using Norby AI's administrative dashboard?
Can I send messages to clients who have not opened the chat widget using Norby AI?
What information does Norby AI collect from visitors?
What is the purpose of Norby AI's unique ID assignment?
Is Norby AI available 24/7 for customer service?
Why is Norby AI called a 'human-like' customer care chatbot?
How are my ads optimized through Norby AI?

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