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Create pitch decks in just 2 minutes.
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Beemer's AI-powered platform streamlines the process of creating pitch decks for startups. Users can create compelling presentations in Google Slides and PowerPoint in a short amount of time.

Beemer's technology algorithmically curates slide decks, making it easy to compile a professional presentation. It designs the structure and layout of your pitch according to industry standards and up-to-date design trends.

This tool also offers collaboration, allowing users to work as a team and easily export projects to Google Slides or PowerPoint for a seamless presentation delivery.

Additionally, Beemer aims to make the pitch deck creation process efficient and less time-consuming, generating complete presentations with a brief description of your business.

The platform also features 'The Pitch Booster' package, offering additional services such as creating an executive summary, drafting an investor's email pitch letter, and providing extra slides to customize the pitch deck.

Beemer doesn't require credit card details or formal signup for initial access, promoting ease of use and accessibility. The platform is in continuous development, with future plans to include increased customization options for presentations and integration with other tools for collaboration and project management.


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Dec 28, 2023
Really nice!

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Pros and Cons


Quick pitch deck creation
Efficient structure and design
Collaborative features
Export to Google Slides
Export to PowerPoint
Impressive, informative mockups
Up-to-date design trends
Business description integration
Offers 'The Pitch Booster' package
Includes executive summary
Offers investor's email pitch letter
Extra customizable slides
No credit card requirements
Effortless sign-up process
Continuous development
Planned customization enhancements
Integration with collaboration tools
Pitch creation in 2 minutes
Professional presentation output
Industry standard template
Easy-to-use interface
Focuses on content
Time-saving platform
Cost-effective for startups
Planned Powerpoint support
Integration with project management tools
Available support
35 extra slide layouts
Good vibes UI


Lacks extensive customization options
Only supports Google Slides, PowerPoint
Limited template design variations
Needs brief business descriptions
Limited collaboration tools
No support for macOS Keynote
No API for integration
Requires future developments
Limited support for other collaboration tools
Additional costs for premium packages


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What integration options does Beemer plan to offer in the future?
What additional services does Beemer's 'Pitch Booster' package offer?
Which platforms does Beemer currently support?
What design trends does Beemer follow when creating slide layouts?
Do I need to provide credit card details to use Beemer?
Does Beemer require formal signup for initial access?
How much time does Beemer usually take to create a pitch deck?
How does Beemer enhance efficiency in the pitch deck creation process?
Can I customize my pitch with Beemer?
Does Beemer offer any free trials?
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