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Revamp your online sales with Jeff Walker's formula.
GPT welcome message: Ready to boost your Instagram sales? Let's get started!
Sample prompts:
Create a product launch strategy for artisanal candles on Instagram
How to use Jeff Walker's formula for a fitness program launch
Develop an Instagram marketing plan for a new fashion line
Show me a successful product launch example on Instagram
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Insta Sales Strategist is a GPT developed by that provides expert advice and strategies for boosting sales on Instagram. It specialises in applying Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula, a renowned and proven strategy for successfully launching products.

Insta Sales Strategist is designed to help users create effective product launch strategies specifically tailored for Instagram.The GPT is equipped with capabilities to assist users in various niches, whether it's artisanal candles, fitness programs, or new fashion lines.

It can guide in the development of comprehensive Instagram marketing plans and provide examples of successful product launches on the platform.One key feature of the Insta Sales Strategist GPT is its interactive nature, welcoming individuals and business entities to have constructive dialogs.

This aspect enables users to gain in-depth insights and detailed instructions in structuring and executing their Instagram product launch campaigns.Please note that the Insta Sales Strategist GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, highlighting its enhanced capacity to attend to user requirements and address complex sales strategies.As a strategic tool for strengthening Instagram sales, the Insta Sales Strategist GPTs unique focus is on mastering the art of product launches in the Instagram space using Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula.

It streamlines the process of designing, planning, and implementing successful product launches on Instagram, ultimately aiming to enhance business visibility, customer engagement, and sales.The Insta Sales Strategist is an AI-tool born of the intersection of artificial intelligence and modern digital sales strategies, making it a valuable assistant in the era of social media marketing.


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