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Personalized coupon engagement solution.
Generated by ChatGPT is an API-based Coupon and E-commerce Promo Management Software that allows users to create personalized e-commerce promotions. With this tool, users can set rules and restrictions to target specific customers, locations, and products. also offers a QR code scanner for easy in-store redemption through their mobile app.The AI-powered coupon management and automation feature of helps shape customer engagement through contextual and predictive marketing promotions and special offers.

It allows users to drive customer engagement by providing 1:1 segmented and personalized incentives. The tool also enables users to increase marketing efficiency by putting all discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs in one place, increasing transparency across ensures that coupons are mobile-ready by generating coupon codes in QR format and providing a mobile scanning app for easy verification during in-store redemption.

Additionally, the tool provides capabilities to create, redeem, and synchronize all promotions across multiple platforms. Users can analyze data and monitor the results of every voucher campaign while maximizing the ROI of promotional spending.With, users can manage multiple budgets, control all active coupons in a single platform, and detect coupon abuse to prevent unprofitable redemptions.

The tool also allows users to personalize promotions using its flexible rule engine, integrate with third-party services, and distribute coupon codes is trusted by leading brands across various industries, offering secure data storage on Amazon Web Services and leveraging machine learning technology to prevent promo abuses.

The tool provides a programmable Coupon API for seamless integration and offers 24/7 customer support.


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