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Myko Ai is a conversational AI tool built to answer all of your sales teams questions in seconds. Connecting to systems like Salesforce, Hubspot and Snowflake - Myko is a natural language business analytics tool designed to help business owners get answer to their questions without any SQL or code required. For business intelligence users you can define and build your organizations key terms and definitions to standardize metrics across users.

Win more revenue by uncovering the data between your dashboards.

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Jun 6, 2023
Read the terms and conditions about data usage, not nice...

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Pros and Cons


Excel and Google Sheets integration
Generates reports from text
Live data connections
Self-service tool
Requires no SQL
Connectable to Slack or Teams
Connects to QuickBooks Online
Variance analysis feature
Projections feature
Consolidated reports
Custom reports
Saves time
Chat-based interface
Compatible with internal software
No technical experience required
Instant data access
Text-based data requests
Simplifies data analysis


Limited platform compatibility
Only connects to Quickbooks
No SQL or technical experience
Depends on Excel/Google Sheets
Data analysis limited to finance
No offline capability
Potential data security issues
Tool seems to require constant connectivity
Not blockchain-enabled
Messaging Apps Restricted to Slack/Teams

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