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Recruit talent, grow revenue.
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Draup is an AI-powered platform designed for both HR and sales leaders. It offers deep insights and data to support workforce planning, talent recruitment, and skill development for HR leaders.

With real-time talent data, HR leaders can understand industry trends, develop talent pipelines, and create reskilling strategies. Draup also provides insights on emerging roles, talent hotspots, and in-demand skills to help plan future workforce needs.For sales leaders, Draup offers sales intelligence tools that go beyond basic buyer information.

It enables micro-targeting of prospects based on interest, technology needs, and outsourcing relationships. Draup provides detailed account reports, stakeholder mapping, and helps identify the right decision-makers for targeted sales strategies.

It also helps sales teams explore new service provider opportunities across various industries.Draup is built by experts in AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP), combining AI-driven analysis with human curation.

The platform offers hyper-targeted insights based on millions of data points, providing actionable strategies backed by up-to-date and validated data.

Draup's data is vetted by expert researchers and analysts to ensure unbiased information.The platform features rapid onboarding, ongoing support, and agile deployment to cater to changing needs.

It offers near real-time data refresh, flexible delivery models, and predictable fees. Draup provides multi-channel access to its platform, custom reports, and data export/REST APIs for seamless integration into enterprise solutions.Overall, Draup aims to support talent and sales teams in making data-driven decisions and accelerating revenue growth in enterprises worldwide.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time talent data
Supports workforce planning
Supports talent recruitment
Supports skill development
Insights on industry trends
Talent pipeline development
Reskilling strategies creation
Emerging roles insights
Talent hotspots identification
In-demand skills tracking
Micro-targeting prospects
Detailed account reports
Stakeholder mapping
Identification of decision-makers
Sales strategy customization
New service provider opportunities
Hyper-targeted insights
Data vetted by researchers
Rapid onboarding
Ongoing support
Agile deployment
Near real-time data refresh
Flexible delivery models
Predictable fees
Multi-channel platform access
Custom reports
Data export/REST APIs
Platform training and support
Unlimited access
Unmetered account usage
Direct data export into key systems
Real insights on talent/sales ecosystem
Bias-Free, Vetted Data
Platform features released weekly
Flexible Delivery Model
Turnaround SLA of 2-3 business days
Custom Strategies for your Use Cases
Seamless integration into enterprise solutions
Supports both HR and sales leaders
Accompanies workforce planning
Can plan future workforce needs
Identifies technology needs of prospects
Helps identify outsourcing relationships
Refreshes data continuously
Unlimited platform and custom consulting reports access


Weekly feature updates too frequent
No mention of data security
Bound to specific industries
Restrictive subscription structure
Not specialized for HR or Sales
Requires third-party consultants
Biased to in-house data sources
Potential overload of information
Requires significant platform training


What is Draup?
How does Draup support HR and sales leaders?
How does Draup aid in talent recruitment and skill development?
How does Draup provide real-time talent data?
What kind of sales intelligence tools does Draup provide?
Can Draup help in identifying the right decision makers for sales strategies?
How is Draup built, and what technologies does it incorporate?
How accurate and reliable is the data provided by Draup?
What support and deployment features does Draup offer?
How does Draup integrate into existing enterprise solutions?
How frequent is the data refresh in Draup?
Does Draup offer a flexible delivery model and predictable fees?
What sort of onboarding and support does Draup provide to new clients?
Can Draup be used to explore new service provider opportunities across various industries?
How does Draup assist in workforce planning for the future?
What is the process to get started with Draup?
How does Draup employ AI, ML and NLP in its operations?
Does Draup provide access to data and insights for all end-users?
How does Draup support bias-free and vetted data?
Can Draup provide client-specific research studies?

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