LinkedIn outreach 2023-09-06
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SocialScanner is an AI tool designed specifically for sales professionals, recruiters, and individuals who want to optimize their activity on LinkedIn.

With SocialScanner, users can scan LinkedIn profiles and create highly personalized messaging to establish meaningful connections and enhance their sales effectiveness.

The tool offers several benefits, including significant time savings, increased productivity, and a zero-risk approach.By using SocialScanner, users can save an average of 12 minutes for each profile scanned, leading to substantial time savings.

The tool enables them to generate personalized connection requests quickly and efficiently, fostering rapport-building in just seconds. Additionally, users can create tailored follow-up messages effortlessly, maximizing the chances of receiving a response and advancing prospects through the sales funnel.

SocialScanner also facilitates relighting conversations to progress them to the next stage of the sales process with just one click.Utilizing the SocialScanner Chrome extension, users can take advantage of its unique features, while eliminating any risks to their LinkedIn accounts.

The tool does not require login, ensuring a zero-risk experience for the users.Clients have attested to the effectiveness of SocialScanner, praising its ability to enhance conversations and help them schedule more calls with prospects.

Users appreciate the time saved and the ease of crafting personalized messages with the assistance of this AI tool.Overall, SocialScanner is the ideal solution for sales professionals and recruiters seeking to optimize their LinkedIn activity, save time, and improve their chances of closing more deals.


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Nov 16, 2023
Absolutely useless. I scanned an IT profile and had no sales or sales related info in the profile and this tool gave all about your sales experience, you and I are in sales, so I want to connect. I tested with few ones, useless

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Social Scanner was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 7th 2023.
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