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Super-Personalized LinkedIn Outreach That Works
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SuperKeen AI is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance LinkedIn outreach by automating the drafting of personalized InMails and connection requests. The tool leverages social context, work history and roles to craft highly personalized messages, aiming to increase response and acceptance rates while reducing drafting time significantly.

SuperKeen also offers turnkey templates for various outreach scenarios including sales outreach, hiring, job seeking, obtaining feedback, and general outreach.

Each template is designed with a specific scenario in mind, outlining the context, finding commonalities, and proposing suitable follow-up steps. In the case of sales outreach, for instance, the template explains the product and how it relates to the recipient, while proposing next steps.

Similarly, for hiring, the template is designed to reach out to prospective job candidates outlining why they are a good fit and proposing a follow-up to discuss the role.SuperKeen also makes it simple to create initial connections without proposing a specific next step.

This maximizes flexibility and adaptability in the user's LinkedIn outreach strategies. The tool also offers features that make responding easier for the prospect by suggesting times in their time zone, using the user's calendar info, and crafting options that are easy to accept.


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SuperKeen AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates LinkedIn outreach
Drafts personalized InMails
Creates connection requests
Utilizes social context
Leverages work history
Considers roles for personalization
Increases response rates
Enhances acceptance rates
Significantly reduces drafting time
Offers turnkey templates
Templates for varied scenarios
Templates detail context
Identifies commonalities
Proposes follow-up steps
Templates for sales outreach
Templates for hiring
Templates for job seeking
Templates for feedback acquisition
Enables flexible outreach strategies
Adaptable Outreach Strategies
Suggests recipient's time zone
Integrates with user's calendar
Eases response for prospects
Automates messaging
Generates well-researched InMails
Provides 2-minute setup
Boosts invite acceptances
Accelerates drafting process
Relies on mutual connections
Uses educational background
Incorporates shared experiences
Highlights similar work roles
Identifies overlapping experiences
Promotes easy responses
Multiple outreach templates


Only for LinkedIn outreach
Restricted to premade templates
Lacks flexible messaging options
No multi-platform support
Limited to predefined scenarios
No customization for follow-ups
Doesn't work without calendar info
Leaves unsent proposals
Only available in English
No user-customizable message templates


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How to install SuperKeen AI as a Chrome Extension?


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